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#SaveTheGame (433)

eng holt >> wednesday january 8 - 17:24

So I checked up the other forums there and there seems to be a lot of uproar there too about this and various other issues that this game is facing,so it would be unfair to call the dissenters as the minorities.

Also,does anyone remember the original company(associated with Vincent) that made games about some Medieval RPG?

eng holt
si Revival FC
wal Numpty >> wednesday january 8 - 18:00

I believe it's this game @Holt.

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
hr Evil_C >> wednesday january 8 - 21:30

Didn't know that. I believe I even played that a long, long time ago

hr Evil_C
hr DPH Podsused
eng holt >> thursday january 9 - 14:24

Damn he sold it for a decent amount(unless that isn't him).

eng holt
si Revival FC
nl Kalle >> thursday january 9 - 19:54

I played that game for a while. It was fun, but demanded a lot of time. 

nl Kalle
nl PEC Zwolle
eng Kezza >> sunday january 12 - 14:22, Edited sunday january 12 - 14:23

Last night was the first response to a bug from Vincent i've seen in a while! He's still around and I suspect he is reading all these threads.

Funny that a bug about money gets sorted instantly, but those effecting gameplay are just ignored! (ie. Experience XP issue, construction double master not working, wages a mess etc etc)

eng Kezza
eng Strood United
eng holt >> sunday january 12 - 14:56

@Kezza Its much easier to pay for your train ticket than your mortgage.

eng holt
si Revival FC
lv Tamaz >> sunday january 12 - 21:13

This is just too funny :D

Money things - can do in a split of a second.

Other bugs not related to money - just ignore them :D

lv Tamaz
lt Football Club Skonto
vn Yunzhong >> monday january 13 - 06:22

I won't buy another VIP unless I see the game update plan.

vn Yunzhong
ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ >> monday january 13 - 09:33

I don't think he fixed anything there, he just transferred vip voucher to the complainer,. he hasn't done anything yet for the game. 

ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ
ng ¤_Naija boyz fc_¤
hr Gorica >> monday january 13 - 19:02

I think as time goes by it just shows that our reasoning was right and that opening this thread was justified. Yes, RS can keep going like this for years without being shut down but why shouldnt we aim for something better? For more players not less. For better match engine, better chance for low-mid level teams to catch up the best ones. We at least deserve to be informed about game development. As things stand now, this behaviour/ignoring is extremely disrespectful to admins, vip players, non vip players, everyone. 

Its hard to say does our opinion represent majority of the players in game. I think it does. You cant expect 2000 or more players to use English forum. Most of RS population does not use forum, some of them dont speak English and so on. So based on those facts, support showed on this thread is significant. I am glad we informed the public and expressed our opinion.

Unfortunately for us all, 2020. came

And everything stayed the same...

hr Gorica
Community admin
hr HNK Square Dubrovnik
pt Castr0 >> tuesday january 14 - 15:20

I really like RS and for me is sad how the game don't receive some love from the devs. I know we all have other things to do, life happens but no communication, no roadmap, nothing.

This game is incredible good but the devs doesn't want to make it even better.

I just see the game stay on this stage for so many years until someone buy it and improve or the player base leave the game.

pt Castr0
pt Castr0 FC
vn bemon >> wednesday january 15 - 04:07

This RS game is very good. It shows the personality and thinking of the player. There is a lot of work to be done to take the club to the next level. I use English very bad so I can't finish my thoughts. But I still hope this game exists and is growing. Truly an intellectual game for football. I love RS

vn bemon
vn ⒷⒶⓄ_✪✪✪_ⒽⒶⓃ FC
eng Proper Top Gaffer >> wednesday january 15 - 11:40, Edited wednesday january 15 - 11:40

I know I am late to this but, can someone tell me exactly HOW the game is dying?

The opening post is so silly, it's so dramatic and with BOLD words, but it doesn't actually explain the issue or tell us *what* the issue is.

So, again: what is the actual problem, why are some of you so unhappy?

eng Proper Top Gaffer
eng AFC Hoofball Merchants
nl Losing >> wednesday january 15 - 14:14

Imagine commenting that on the 10th page of people posting specific complaints. Maybe you can try to read them instead of implying they aren't there.

nl Losing
nl FC NietGoed