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Financial minimum allowed (2)

rs Miroslav Karaicic >> friday december 7 - 11:27, Edited friday december 7 - 11:28

Is there a financial minimum allowed without risking a penalty, other than the interest rate? It so happens I have already bought the players I need early in the transfer window, used up my available money, and don't really want to sell other players, although I could. So now the weekly costs are using up my finances and eventually going into minus. Is there a maximum allowed amount of this minus? I will start earning back the money with my stadium attendance, it will just take a while.

rs Miroslav Karaicic
rs FK Balačko
eng Stephen >> friday december 7 - 12:41

I think you're fine for now (as all your buildings are classed as being at the normal levels), but have a read of this:

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach