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Fix player values (24)

lv Tamaz >> sunday june 28 - 15:54

Topics name says it all..

Its impossible to sell player in middle of the season.

In end of the season  maybe its possible but also superhard.

And there is no matter. Vip or no vip.. u still have to relist player like 4-6 times to drop the value

lv Tamaz
lt Football Club Skonto
it Echo >> monday june 29 - 20:17

I agree, every player value should be cut to 1/4  - 1/5 of current value to be plausible.

But I don't think this will happen.

it Echo
it Macondo FC
wal Numpty >> monday june 29 - 20:22, Edited monday june 29 - 20:22

I'd prefer to simply remove the listing restriction, so you can list the player at a sensible price to start with.  

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
eng Stephen >> monday june 29 - 21:30

@Numpty - yes, exactly. I’ve suggested this before and it’s an easy fix to the problem. No need to fiddle with the player values at all. I’d assume this would be a fairly quick job to implement, though obviously I could be wrong!

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
nl Losing >> tuesday june 30 - 04:47

If you put the starting minimum at say, 25% instead of 50%, you can sell the better players in the short transfer period too without hurting the lower teams by lowering the value of players under 50M. That would be the simplest solution. As it stands a lot of players could immediately be listed for a normal price, and some others would need 2 rounds I think.

nl Losing
nl FC NietGoed
wal Numpty >> tuesday june 30 - 08:22

I would suggest a minimum starting price of 10%, this would potentially allow any player to be sold on the first round.

Then a separate option that allows you to choose the percentage reduction for any subsequent rounds. So you could either start fairly high and reduce quickly, or start lower and reduce more slowly. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
bg mo >> wednesday july 1 - 10:43

If this is too hard to be done, just remove transfer windows, make market open all the time, so we have enough time to waste 5 days reducing the price and start with 50% offer until we manage to sell something. Not all player have YA5/ TC5 and sell their players easily. Its impossible to make money. DO SOMETHING FOR SMALL CLUBS TOO!!! 

bg mo
bg FC Smunck
ee Taavi >> wednesday july 1 - 17:20

Wonder what the max values are without a cap , if we divide values by 5 players might still be 458m :D

ee Taavi
ee FC Pusa
nl Joddit >> wednesday july 1 - 18:30

Yes, the listing restrictions would be an obvious fix for me as well. Why not abolish them altogether and let the market deal with it (if the seller so chooses). 

nl Joddit
nl Domstad FC
lv Tamaz >> thursday july 2 - 02:13, Edited thursday july 2 - 02:15

Lol.. the next big thing...

One user posted, that he can offer money for already 4 times relisted player - but hes short by 12m on minimal bet. 

So the thing is - re list player for even lover price (down now by -25m) and he most probably will go minimal bet again even if he have made few millions during hes transfers moves.

Or start over again - and put the player again in transfer starting from top minimal price.

So the thing is - WHY I CANT RELIST PLAYER FOR THE SAME VALUE IF i have reached at least for me and for others a normal price.

lv Tamaz
lt Football Club Skonto
tr Mavi >> thursday july 2 - 11:03, Edited thursday july 2 - 11:11

we need to fix this. I get lots of complaining from users and they are absolutely right. Its a torture for non-vip users which can only list 2 players at same time.  They are missing lots of opportunities. I know some people have already left because of this transfer system, literally everyone I know is complaning about this. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Extra: We dont need to tweak player values, player value formula is complicated and it requires lots of work and feedback. Just change the minimum listing price to 20 percent. It should be done easily.

tr Mavi
tr Córdoba CF
wal Numpty >> thursday july 2 - 12:11, Edited thursday july 2 - 12:16

Well said @Mavi.

Another knock-on effect of this is that I'm reluctant to keep training players over a certain value, because they will become too difficult to sell. So I often sell early and get a replacement. Surely that's not how the game is supposed to work.

If you are non-VIP even one extra day selling a player is a pain in the ****. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ro Andrei >> thursday july 2 - 13:35
I do support what Mavi suggested.
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
ro FC Europa
it Dicklcheese >> thursday july 2 - 16:28

now i'm on my third round selling half price two player....what an awesome game

it Dicklcheese
ca Ottawa Howlin'Wolves
lv Tamaz >> thursday july 2 - 18:42

Ok im VIP 1 .. but can u IMAGINE!!! FROM START OF THE WINDOW - im still selling 2 players... by just dropping the price.

I really feel for those guys who are no vips. Just to drop the price it takes many many days.

Why the hell i cant pick up my own price???

lv Tamaz
lt Football Club Skonto