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Penalty Taker & Direct free kicks - Why set them? (4)

ro Funky Grandma >> sunday september 13 - 21:34, Edited sunday september 13 - 21:40

I am questioning the usefulness of setting the Penalty Taker and Direct free kicks player for a match. If I noticed correctly, the best player is chosen every time by the engine when none is assigned:

Let's take the scenario where there are 2 forwards, both with 5.5 power, but forward1 has 6.2 scoring, while forward2 has 6.1 scoring. If neither of them has scored yet, forward1 would be selected when the engine makes the choice. If forward1 has scored however, and has received a scoring handicap because of this (0.5 normally or 0.25 if he is a Sharpshooter), the newly best player on the pitch (based on scorring and power - cause that's what matters for penalties) I believe would be chosen by the engine to take it, which would be forward2.

If I'd've set forward1 as my Penalty Taker for that match, he would have taken the penalty even after receiving the handicap (which is not as effective). So why would anyone set the Penalty Taker then?

Same goes for Direct free kicks & handicaps on passing.

ro Funky Grandma
be Arsenal Leuven
wal Numpty >> sunday september 13 - 22:00

I agree with your assessment that the game makes the best choice. 

But I think the option to make your own choice has it's uses. For instance if I'm taking a striker off at HT I'll choose him for penalties so the other striker doesn't have the 0.5 handicap in the seond half. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ro Funky Grandma >> monday september 14 - 16:54, Edited monday september 14 - 16:55

Fair enough, I can see the use there :) Thanks for the answer and for validating my assessment!

ro Funky Grandma
be Arsenal Leuven
tr Mavi >> monday september 14 - 20:38

I always leave it to the game because of this. It should be common knowledge by now. 

tr Mavi
tr Córdoba CF