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Remove minimum bid (10)

dk Tossefinn >> wednesday october 14 - 11:57

I think the game should remove minimum bid, when placing a player on the transfer list.

That will give more activity to the transfer market.

dk Tossefinn
dk Sigurd
wal Numpty >> wednesday october 14 - 12:46

Minimum bid?

Do you mean the minimum listing price?

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
eng Stephen >> wednesday october 14 - 20:19

If you mean the minimum listing price, then this has been suggested before and would be a huge help to everyone, especially non-VIP players.

If you can only list two players and your player is ‘worth’ the maximum market value, then there’s trouble ahead. You know you will be lucky to get 20% of the value, but it’ll take days before his price can drop to that. That’s a massive waste of time.

I’m frustrated enough with it as VIP-3, so I can only imagine what a pain it would be for non-VIP players.

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
wal Numpty >> thursday october 15 - 08:38

Yes, it's a real pain when you can only list 2 players at a time and significantly affects how I play the game. 

You can't sell any "high value" players during the mid-season window as it would completely block up one of the 2 slots.

I've given up farming players to a high value as the sellling difficulty is not worth any extra potential profit. It's quicker and easier to sell as soon as you can get around the max bank value.  

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ng Timi >> friday october 16 - 10:14

This is another suggestion dead on arrival. Vincent doesnt give the FFing F if it is a pain to players.

ng Timi
cn Dukou
cn Eden Hazard >> friday october 16 - 15:50

Transfer Window is boring now, players' value are overrated, so no one bid for my player except bank.

A football manager game without transfer, go back to FM2020.

cn Eden Hazard
tw ⭐Team Liquid FC⭐
eng holt >> saturday october 17 - 08:56

@Endsars Vincent has been offline for a long time.

eng holt
si Revival FC
ro Andrei >> saturday october 17 - 12:12
@Eden Hazard: No transfers in FM 2020? I hope you were being sarcastic.
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
ro FC Europa
ng Timi >> saturday october 17 - 20:09

@holt that doesnt change anything. Where he to be here he still wouldnt do nothing. Hope he is safe though.

ng Timi
cn Dukou
dk Zornig >> saturday october 24 - 07:37, Edited saturday october 24 - 07:41

Totally agree you need an entire trans period to get a play down in sales value.
But there will be no change in the game as long as Vincent de Boer lets the game fall into disrepair......

dk Zornig
au FC Zornig United