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Costs of players created in Scout Office should be lowered (5)

ee Balthazor >> friday november 6 - 19:28

Just happened to check one of really relict part of RS. Ofcourse I know that there will be no changes anyway coming under Vincent....

When those players were changed last time, that SO12 player was maybe barely worth of creating, but now those prices look ridiculously high. For that 137M we can find 5-6 little bit better youngsters with same age from market and if somebody would be ready to pay me such price for my similar player that transfer would be canceled surely. So those players should be probably for only credits (mostly they would go only to bank if made) freely available, players' properties should be improved strongly or that option should stay to only "free player for beginners" level.

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn
eng ipfreely >> saturday november 7 - 19:14

Yes this is just another way in which the game has been left to rot.

A situation where the owner has set up 5 higher YC levels and other facilities specifically to suck excess money in the game, but not reduced players' market value so very few can be listed at a realistic price is farcical. Also STs can only be sold to the bank unless they're 1 in a million or from about YC11+ because the plentiful YC14s are so much better.

Such a shame to watch the steady decline of a really good game :-(

eng ipfreely
vi Lollapa Losers
wal Numpty >> saturday november 7 - 20:03

I have to agree. 

Although I think the bigger problem is what ipfreely says about the Supertalents.  

This was probably overlooked in the design of the new facilities but most STs from YC 10 are now run of the mill players. It's devalued the whole idea of getting supertalents unless you have a high level youth academy. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
nl Losing >> wednesday november 11 - 14:38

Not to mention that if you increase the skills of those players you can create to where they are worth the price, they get to the point where they're absolutely not worth it anymore just because of future salaries. They could be useful for my first team if the price in money was severely decreased. For now, only the cheaper ones are really useful and only when you're building a new team since it gives you players better than you can get from sub-10 YC's, filling up your training spots for no extra monetary costs. Once you have YC10 or higher, best thing you can do with excess credits is just turn it into money.

nl Losing
nl FC NietGoed
nl Sazz >> thursday november 12 - 20:32

Yup, ripped through 6k credits just for a bit of extra cash just a month ago or so. Still got 2k credits left. Remained hopeful for a very long time that some sort of useful feature with credits would be implemented but no.

Best and most easy thing to be done is to remove credits completely. 

nl Sazz