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Instant Buy Feature (11)

eng holt >> friday may 21 - 11:45, Edited friday may 21 - 11:50

I'm surprised that no one has ever mentioned this (atleast according to the search function), considering that every second football manager game has this feature.

The basic idea is that after you have finished listing the player on the market, along with the "list for a lower price" and "sell to bank" buttons, there will be another dialog box which allows you to list a price (above the initial price at which you have listed) at which the player can be bought by another club and the player gets transferred instantly.

This can be applied to loan deals as well.


  1. This would reduce the hassle of buying players to a very large extent and selling players to a smaller extent.
  2. De-clogs the market completely, especially with respect to the loan market.


  1. Substantial increase in transfers, extra load on admins.(Could be resolved by getting more admins on board/having an active developer)
  2. Market could be hijacked by managers running scripts(Can't see how effective this could be-could be eliminated by putting a maximum limit on number of players that can be bought in this manner)
  3. Increased manager collusion(Easily resolvable as well)
  4. The other factors such as age and value are reduced in effectiveness. (On the other hand, they were set in place because you had multiple people bidding)
eng holt
si Revival FC
wal Numpty >> friday may 21 - 13:38, Edited friday may 21 - 13:38

If I understand correctly this is the same as the 'buy it now' option on Ebay. 

How are you going to prevent this being used by people who want to sell a player to their mate or being used to defraud a newbie? 

For example:

A good youngster has a market value of 2 million. He gets listed and you immediately buy him for 3 million. However, if sold normally he would get loads of bids and go multiple rounds and might sell for 20 million. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ro Andrei >> friday may 21 - 13:54
Seems to be similar to the feature on 'FIFA Ultimate Team'.
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
ro FC Europa
eng Stephen >> friday may 21 - 15:34

@numpty has very articulately explained why this would never happen

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
eng holt >> friday may 21 - 17:45, Edited friday may 21 - 17:45

@Andrei The concept is the same, albeit with a few changes (stated below)

@Numpty Newbies can be defrauded even now; make them bid slightly high on multiple sub-average players distributed over 2-3 different clubs owned by the scammers and convince him that it would pay off, make them sell a good player for cheap in a variant of the pre-payment scheme, make them buy multiple youngsters which clearly won't match up to the price he/she buys them at, if you want to screw around with them, tell them to discard players...

Collusion may be slightly tougher to sort out,but by employing an instant price formula (hold your horses) it would make it no different than a normal transfer. Besides, you could ensure that no more than two players are exchanged between a club in a season, as the chances of this taking place thrice via the current format in an organic manner is extremely low.

Regarding the formula, it works on the same basis as the current player price formula while taking into consideration the future projections of the player ie. a youngster would still have his buy-now price close to what he goes for now.

While this may seem to come to an advantage to some and a disadvantage to others depending on their strategies(build vs farm) and may make farming players through this method close to impossible, this isn't meant for farming and the market isn't dependent on what the current trends are anyways.(Never has been in RS since the <5 star player times); it's for giving the manager the opportunity to escape the rat race while also regulating the market.

I realise that that this sounds every "up in the air" but I feel that with active development in the game and revisions with the player price formula, this addition will be well worth the troubles undertaken to implement it.

eng holt
si Revival FC
wal Numpty >> friday may 21 - 18:13

That doesn't answer the question of how to  prevent it being used to scam a newbie or an opportunity for collusion. 

The fact that there may currently be other avenues for scams is not a reason to provide easier ones or to have more of them. 

Just to be clear I'm not against the idea per se. But it would have to be watertight and I can't see how you could do that. 

The price formula idea sounds fine, in principle.

But given the complexities of the market value formula and the apparent need for frequent changes. Vincent can't get it right most of the time so I struggle to see how a 'buy it now' price formula would be any better. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
eng holt >> friday may 21 - 19:43

@Numpty Frankly speaking,you can't.(unless someone knows how to) but by implementing the above safeguards it can be ensured that the above stated scammers would not gain an advange over their normal methods by the instant buy.

Adding a note in the tutorial informing the newbies of prevalent scams and letting them know about the seperate Support forum or a sticky comment in the forum about it should be more than enough with regards to scams.If there was something running so deep that the newbies are scared or some admins are involved, then nothing can be done.

This does rely on the team consisting of someone other than Vincent or atleast someone with him, so there's that. You fix the player price problem and you get this for free so it's a win-win in that way. Plus this feature would be optional so you could choose whther you want it to be enabled for the player.

PS:Downvoting is all well and fair but if you have any concerns other than the ones stated by Numpty, I'll have no qualms in assuaging your worries.

eng holt
si Revival FC
ee onuelver >> saturday may 22 - 03:54

Current market mean that mostly offering asked price is the same as instant buy you just must wait needed hours plus admins review time. Only some extreme prices get multiple bids. 

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back
nl armin999 >> monday june 7 - 09:03

the more rounds and bids the more credits are spent and that's how the owners make money, so it wont happen

or the buy-it-now button has to make up for this and cost 5 credits (for example) instead of 1

nl armin999
ar Boca Seniors
eng holt >> tuesday june 8 - 05:20

@Armin999 Credits are mostly worthless anyways so that does not matter.

Why should the buyer and seller wait for 5 rounds when the buyer is willing to pay the price which the seller will be willing to part with the players at the fifth round?

eng holt
si Revival FC
lv Namejs >> thursday june 10 - 11:00

@holt Because it is open market here.

lv Namejs
Community admin
lv Taurupes Dusmīgie Bebri