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Why not add UEFA Europa Conference League? (4)

cz Nightfall >> friday september 9 - 09:18

This is of great significance to the teams of small countries.

cz Nightfall
li Balzers Rovers 1983
ua Numpty >> friday september 9 - 09:42

Yes. Also suggested very recently.

ua Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
eng holt >> friday september 9 - 15:03

@Nightfall The owner has stopped developing the game.

eng holt
si Revival FC
ee Balthazor >> saturday september 10 - 15:49

Actually RL Conference League didn't give any euro spots more, clubs from smaller countries were just directed from European League to Conference League plus CL qualifying round losers ending there if they fail to qualify into EL. But in RS it would be just justice if made with additional spots for Europe, where in most of countries only 4 teams(and weakest ones 3) get tickets to continental matches, but in some other continents even weakest countries have guaranteed 6-7 spots when having less teams with managers. To reach EL group matches most of European clubs have to play 4 qualification rounds, some weaker countries maybe never reached to groups, on some other continent weakest country has guaranteed group spots every season.

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn