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Minimum Local Players in the match and squad (27)

wal Numpty >> sunday february 10 - 18:00, Edited sunday february 10 - 18:01

"Please no more suggestions like this." 

That seems a rather harsh request.

We may not agree or see any point to his suggestion, but he has put it forward politely. Surely he is as entitled as you are to put forward suggestions, even if you don't like them. 

Your own advice that "you cannot force others to be like you" seems rather ironic. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
lt Bagacius >> sunday february 10 - 18:03

Very good idea for real. To grow up own country talents, develop country football. But not for RS. WHY? Because now not all teams could rebuild like that even in 3-5 seasons, second some countries wi be in a top for very long seasons, while other will have almost no chance to stay competetive. :) just my opinion.  

lt Bagacius
lt FK Grigiškių Šviesa
be Gerben_d_b >> sunday february 10 - 21:15

Think Rocking Soccer is way more fair than the real football stuff. Completly ruined with all the money etc.

be Gerben_d_b
be IFK Banaanhaar
eng holt >> monday february 11 - 14:26

Maybe what you are saying is that more powerful teams in small leagues do not have native players,which are a liability?

In that case,maybe a milder version of this rule could boost smaller nations.

eng holt
si Revival FC
hr v >> monday february 11 - 21:16

Numpty, I tried to stay as polite as I could. Nobody agreed with him on one whole page. For me that is no good suggestion. And He continues like: no, really, you don't understand... even if We understand very well and disagree. While He may seem polite it is little rude to be that persistent. At least this is how I see it. You may disagree.

And You missed my word please. I don't force him to stop, I beg him. There is difference... So I stand by everything I said. This is bad suggestion.

hr v
Head community admin
hr NK Zadnja sezona
ee onuelver >> monday february 11 - 22:33


I have played 2 YEARS in Albania (since season 28) and now my first own grown players are ready to play against bottom half teams. Keeper Bislimi i buyed in several seasons ago for u21 keeper so he is not "true domestic". But my Albanians are not ready for top teams or continental matches yet.

When i started there were 2 nice teams (currently bots Vlore and Tirana#2) but Vlore had no Albanians in main squad when Tirana(ex-JRB Forces) tried to grow some NT players. But their owners both disappeared at some moment and Permet and Tanamera were then both declining aging teams with poorly developed facilities. So there was only one club having good enough players but he sold them finally always to clubs with better facilities and they were too expensive. And Albanian NT was still in bottom 5 of world ranks. Now we have some young talents who may rise us a lot. Albanian league coef has been 0.000 on couple of moments and maybe would still be if i try stubbornly have 5 Albanians in squad. 

So which boost you tried to imagine??? Ok if someone comes to Albania i can sell him some of my older born boys maybe with cheapest possible price and that's all. Just a charity from me. It will take 3 seasons to get TC10 where players can develop with normal speed and earlier buyed boys will remain weaker than they could be in my TC. That is NOT boost!

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back
es Urawa-ku >> tuesday february 12 - 19:15

Good idea :D

es Urawa-ku
es Carrasco >> wednesday february 13 - 01:51

The only consequence of this proposal is the further death of the transfer market.

es Carrasco
bf FC Cartagena
no Lied >> wednesday february 13 - 06:15

In real life there are rules for how many domestic players you need in the team and match squad. The rules can be very different from country to country, but they all have them for the same purpose. It is to promote and develop national youth players to improve the national team and general quality of domestic players. 

This also comes with several issues, like inflated player prices, English and Russian players have really inflated prices in real life because of domestic player rules. Some nations have close to no rules, like Ireland and Northern Ireland(?), might be both or none cant remember.

Point being that rules on this issue is very hard to agree on, and the benefits are not always present.

Adding to this is the fact that we have a very high chance of pulling domestic youth players from our academy, which is in interest of developing strong domestic players.

no Lied
wal Numpty >> wednesday february 13 - 10:31, Edited wednesday february 13 - 10:35

As you say this happens in real life, so there's nothing wrong with the idea in principle.  

However, as others have mentioned, creating such a rule would negatively impact other aspects of the game. 

If the idea was simply to encourage teams to develop their own domestic players then it should be done without a rule. 

Perhaps a variation on the Patriotic attribute could do this, such as everyone playing for a domestic club gets, for instance, +0.02 on all trainable attributes. Nothing much but still of some value. That may achieve the effect that the OP is looking for. 

The question is would that eventually make any difference to the transfer market?

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ee onuelver >> wednesday february 13 - 21:40

On market it will only rise prices of some mediocre players from smaller countries whose players are very rare on market.

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back
ee Kaarel >> friday february 15 - 06:34

Sorry guys, I won't read previous comments, sorry if I double someones writing.

I might have suggested it by myself too in far far past.

I really like it because it would bring some life into the market. You need to buy from your league rivals to stay alive or to be competitive. You are also depending on your own products, your own youth.
This would bring more money to the market.

1) It would kill smaller leagues or their chance to be competitive in champions league.

2) Smaller national teams would take a nudge too, but I need you all to be honest now..... Has any of you really cared about Tuvalu, Somalian, Kiribiati or any other like that NT team before? Actually, how many users from these countries actually play RS?

My suggestion: Give your own academy players some boost. Lets say that every 5 years player spends in club, he will get 0.1 boost on all skills. Even bought in players would get it. I know it sounds silly, but it is just a idea flash.

ee Kaarel
ee Anonüümsed Alkohoolikud