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u21 League - u21 Champions Cup (18)

cy MAKAROS >> thursday january 9 - 06:49

good suggestion but i don't see it happening

I would like to see national teams under 21 that I think will greatly enhance our players' level of experience and abilities and help the coaches of national teams over 21 to better select teams from the list of players.

There are good players who never play in the big teams because unfortunately most players are preferred by the coaches in the older ones who have reached a top level.

ee Balthazor >> sunday april 19 - 11:11, Edited sunday april 19 - 11:23

One reason why Vincent has denied u21 NTs (although at the beginning he planned to open them at some point) was that already very good players from mostly bigger teams will get too big advantage from additional experience, only increasing difference between top teams and mid-level teams. 

I have suggested couple of times to have u21 NTs and u21 World cup and continental championships but in test match mode: no xp points from that matches. There would still remain some problems I don't have good solutions:

1) most of them would remain bot-managed, we don't have always enough candidates for NT elections and there are always tens of unwanted NTs. Several managers are motivated for NT job only because their own player, they will not want u21 NT job. Maybe allowing it to non-VIP users to get experience of NT job and appetizing them to buy VIP for later NT career? Or allow NT manager to manage some u21 team too at same time?

2) conflict between u21 and real NT if player is good enough. If relatively weaker NT gets several very good youngsters in short time and they appear in NT shortlist would they be available for u21 NT too at same time? Test match mode will not injure or exhaust them and u21 world cup would turn nonsence if some best u21 teams can't play their key players because older generation was poor. So- test match mode would be solution? I'm not sure whether there might be scheduling conflicts if player plays for both level simultaneously, but somewhere I remember that player was in 2 different matches which collided. Maybe then we don't need extra days for u21 NT matches?

But as game status has been frozen already couple of years there will be no changes in nearer time.

About u21 leagues and cups: let them stay as they are. I play my best youngsters always in first team for more xp, so my clubs sit in u21 league bottom half regularly, but have won couple of u21 cups. Otherwise there should be extra promotion-relegation system between league levels, some teams leave in mid-season and may reappear under new manager, so there can't be fixtures generated for whole season. You may play 10 youth matches against one club and none against other club, so there can't be fair competition in those leagues.

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn
ee onuelver >> sunday april 19 - 14:05

I don't see problems at all. If country or its community care about u21 trophy they will find adequate manager for that. If don't then they may play with bot lineups and give chance to others. For second problem test matches should clear everything.

Now we just have to hack into Vincent and that is real problem.

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back