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Player xp on transfer (18)

pl MAT >> thursday february 4 - 09:37, Edited thursday february 4 - 09:39

Limit i think better: (Easy condition)

Value major you need to train (block -GK,  duel - Def, pass - mid,  shoot - S) = curently limit.

pl MAT
dk Mystic Warrior Copenhagen
au davo >> thursday february 4 - 22:09

@Numpty, as usual it appears to be a case of over regulation because they are scared that people will cheat. There must have been people saving up tens of thousands of XP and selling players cheaply so they set the bar way too low to stop it. To me, they could have just monitored it and banned people for cheating. Same as the now pointless 'expensive' player review.

au davo
au Real Kellyville
wal Numpty >> thursday february 4 - 22:34

My own view is that I think it's just lazy programming.

Setting a limit at the point of transfer is a quick and easy way of coding a restriction.

And I think sometimes Vincent's historical views are influenced by his reluctance to create extra work for himself. If he just can't be bothered to make a small improvement then it's often easier to come up with a justification for leaving it as it is.

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets