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team handicap or salary cap for fair competition (25)

eng Dragontao >> sunday june 27 - 16:38

As I've said many times, broadly speaking, two types of manager, those willing to take on the challenge and those wanting almost instant gratification.

The second lot should just get a playstation or play single player management games.

I'll use the example of Stephen and myself. We started at almost the same time. I got my strategy wrong, took the wrong path didn't farm players and fell way behind, while Stephen has achieved a lot. There are many managers who started a fair while ago who have won not much at all. Some are stiil playing, some fall by the wayside.

We live in a world where there is an increasing sense of entitlement. See it all the time at the martial arts club "when can I start learning ... ?" "Maybe when you've put in the 10 years of the people who are learning it now and earned the right to".

eng Dragontao
eng Mostly unmanaged
wal Numpty >> sunday june 27 - 22:45

That's a brave acknowledgement. At what point did you realise you were on the 'wrong path'?

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
eng Dragontao >> monday june 28 - 07:38

When Stephen started jumping ahead with facilities upgrades.. I've never bothered with farming. So money for facilities upgrade wasn't there. Still can't be bothered with spending time doing it, especially given that I'm spending less time on the game anyway.

eng Dragontao
eng Mostly unmanaged
nl Counter_Culture >> monday june 28 - 08:12

@Stephen, @Bitcoin ◉ᴗ◉,

I may seem to be doing a fine job, but I'm definitely not a top manager. :-)

I tried reaching the top for a long time, but never succeeded because I'm simply not dedicated enough as a manager. So more than 10 seasons ago I sold all my players and used the money to buy one top generation of players. And this generation is at its peak right now. So yes, I do have a top team, but in a few seasons it is all over. :-) In my view, the real top managers are the ones who have been competing at the highest level for many seasons (in Europe teams like Wageningen, Cordoba CF, Kalimdor's Revenge).

nl Counter_Culture
nl Team Tornado
wal Numpty >> monday june 28 - 08:20, Edited monday june 28 - 08:20


Farming is probably the most boring aspect of the game so you haven't missed much. It takes a fair chunk of my time every transfer window looking for good crops. Everyone wants to buy the sunflowers and not the bonsai trees. 

But as you say the extra money helps you to grow more quickly. I wish it was a smaller part of the game, but that's not going to change so for me there's not much choice as it's necessary to try and catch up.  

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
us (RS) Best Managers >> thursday july 1 - 07:52, Edited thursday july 1 - 07:56

As it stands now ( the way the game is now ) farming is best way to follow especially in generating more money. I know it sounds awkward but that's the bitter truth.

I rest my case.

Edit: as I am finding it difficult to sell out my best 11, I won't be buying any players from the transfer window as I will depend only on my YA cookies. To start my farming With.

us (RS) Best Managers
jp Live to Lead
ca Maniaque >> monday july 19 - 04:46, Edited monday july 19 - 05:04

Counter_Culture what you say is wrong. When you say that the top teams are not the teams that have been playing for the longest time, the top teams are the teams with the best managers , i do not agree at all. teams improve with time and whatever how good a manager is , if he just started , he will never be able to beat a 7 years old team that even has just a so-so manager.

the improvements takes alot time to do , and only time will bring it to you. yes the manager can do some things but the money dont grow on trees like we say here. whatever how a good manager you are , if u just started , you cant compete against teams that have been there for many years , and will probably never be able to compete with them unless those top teams managers start do the idiot and do whatever. this is because the game is all about money and how much u can spend to get big players and what infrastructure and revenues u have.

this is the problem with this game. you just have no chance to do anything to compete with the top teams in a league as the manager influence is a minor thing because all the improvements are made over a long period of time and the manager decisions cant do such a big difference compared to other managers doing about the same things for years and years and have a big team in their hands with high levels of infrastructure.

Dragontao you did not understand my point. its not a question of not taking the challenge or wanting instant result. the problem is that you cant start a team from scratch and try to close the gap with a team that has been there for many years and hope to do better. this is not a challenge but an almost impossible mission if the top team manager dont do the idiot. i could spend my entire life and maybe never be able to get as strong as the top teams if they do a good job.

ca Maniaque
se CF Montréal
wal Numpty >> monday july 19 - 08:05, Edited monday july 19 - 08:08

If you played perfectly from the start then it probably takes around 3 1/2 years to build all the top level facilities with both a good FA and YA. After that it takes a bit longer to assemble a team that's good enough to compete at the top. And for most people that's going to take even longer.

So yes the gap is huge. It's a very tough challenge catching up - but not impossible. However, it's hard work and somewhat boring playing a waiting game for that length of time. 

To spend that amount of time closing the gap then you have to enjoy the process of turning a small club into a giant. Set yourself little targets as you climb the mountain and see if you can do a better job than others who started around the same time and even overtaking those who started a bit before you. These are your real competitors and not those who started 7-8 years ahead of you.

If you just want to compete that can be done more quickly by not investing so much in top level FA/YA infrastructure and using the same money to buy a team.  That's a proven model, but without the infrastructure it's probably harder to sustain a good challenge. 

I think most people probably agree that these time frames could be shortened with perhaps an improved starters bonus but it's just not likely to happen without a developer.

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
eng ipfreely >> tuesday july 20 - 10:28, Edited tuesday july 20 - 10:35

Agree with Numpty - this is what a browser-based sports management game involves. Every single one I've played is the same. You either need to join games like this early, or be prepared to spend years getting to the top. People who don't enjoy them, might enjoy different types of game more.

I've been in US Virgin Islands since 2016 and have won multiple league titles, but if a team had joined in early 2018 and played near-perfectly until now, they would probably be beating me (and my rivals).

eng ipfreely
vi Lollapa Losers
eng Stephen >> tuesday july 20 - 17:18

I started in season 5 from league 6.whatever it was. It took me until season 32 to win something - the World Cup with England. But it took until season 36 to win my first trophy, the Cup of England. I played the game far from perfectly!

Even now with 12 consecutive league titles in the bag, last season was no cakewalk. To stay at the top requires a lot of money and I sometimes find I have to make compromises in competitiveness to finance the club in the longer term. It would be perfectly feasible for another user to go 'all in' at that time and snatch the title. That happened when I last didn't win the title.  

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach