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Credit refund (18)

au davo >> friday october 8 - 01:09

100% It is annoying that, regardless of the lenght of your pointless post you are not allowed to say that you will reciprocate -  but more annoying is that neither of these requirements are reflected in the chinese version of the forum. WTF is that about?

au davo
au Real Kellyville
eng holt >> friday october 8 - 02:23

Lol it looks similar to the Friendly Match thread thatt was up: managers just asking for friendlies in a few words.

Reactivate this?

eng holt
si Revival FC
ro Andrei >> friday october 8 - 14:09
Well, all you have to do is post in it ... it's open. :)
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
ro FC Europa