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ua Numpty >> thursday august 31 - 11:36, Edited thursday august 31 - 11:43

I appreciate Kupus' remarks but there are many other posters worth reading. 

The key thing is not to rely on other people's opinions but to try and understand how the game works for yourself. It may be the case where everyone seems to agree about some aspect - but they could all be wrong. There are even cases where Vincent's information is not entirely accurate. So read with a critical mind and question everything for yourself. 

My suggestion is to start with reading the Help, There are always a few nuggets there that many people have missed - and most of the questions that people ask are already answered in the Help.

After that just read the forum widely - it goes back 10+ years - especially the threads that contain questions/answers and discussions between experienced managers. Maybe concentrate on the topics that you find interesting.

And I agree with reading the bugs' section.  Not only to be aware of the bugs that might spoil your game but also because some of the threads will give you some insight into the inner workings of the game. 

ua Numpty
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eng Craig Ley >> thursday august 31 - 13:14

Thanks guys

eng Craig Ley
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