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FRUSTRATION (Season 25+) (5320)

pt Sir Alex >> thursday december 6 - 18:42, Edited thursday december 6 - 18:43

I need 5.500M€ (+/-) for the next upgrades (YA5/FA5) in the next seasons! yell

Where is the Bank now? yell

pt Sir Alex
pt Ala-Arriba Benfica
lv Dainix >> thursday december 6 - 19:24

YA5 and FA5 is not real! 

lv Dainix
lv SK Latgols
ro Andrei >> thursday december 6 - 19:29
On behalf of the Liechtenstein NT, I want to thank the incompetent physios from the home clubs of the two injured players from my starting 11. What kind of a facility are you running there anyway?

If it wasn't a slim chance to get a point away from the Latvia game tomorrow, now it surely is slim. Probably downgraded to 'very slim' even.
ro Andrei
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fo B40 Skúvoy
pt Sir Alex >> thursday december 6 - 19:41

I don´t care if it is real or not Dainix, i'll build them right away.

pt Sir Alex
pt Ala-Arriba Benfica
eng Yid >> friday december 7 - 13:34

Ok so after 5 European qualifyiers with my first choice keeper i  was top of my group with 3 wins 1 draw and 1 defeat with 4 goals scored and only 1 conceaded. My chances of qualifying pretty good. Then along came the play-offs and off went my first choice keeper. 3 games later, 1 win and 2 defeats, 2 goals scored and 4 conceaded. I am now 3rd in the group and 4 points behind the top 2 with my chances of qualifying now slim at best. This system of losing players to the play-offs is simply not fair on NT managers especcially those of smaller nations who do not have such a big pool of players to choose from. We need a system that is both fair to NT managers and Club managers or there needs to be a change in the fixtures so 3 key matches are not played at the same time of the play-offs.

eng Yid
eng Tottenham Hotspur FC
eng Lee >> saturday december 8 - 18:50

An embarrassingly one-sided playoff 2nd leg, and 10 minutes of my life I won't get back.

Oh well, will just have to get promoted again.

eng Lee
eng Canvey Pixels
ee onuelver >> saturday december 8 - 20:37

I lost away match on 89th minutes goal 0-1 and had 2-0 lead most of home match and then lost all thanks to owngoal on last 10 minutes. Plus my AM got early injury in second match and he was subbed with DM frown 

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back
lv Tamaz >> Yesterday - 10:55

Too bad to see 1-1 against Ukraine :/

needed 3p 

lv Tamaz
lt Football Club Skonto
hr v >> Yesterday - 15:30

Crazy game:

hr v
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hr Lokalni rekreativci
lv Gipsons >> Today - 19:31

This must be a joke

lv Gipsons
lv FC Jaunmārupes Lauvas