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FRUSTRATION (Season 25+) (6568)

uy Awful >> monday march 18 - 10:55

wish my english was better to understand fully this nonesense you talk .

uy Awful
hr Internacionālā Daugava FC
ee Taavi >> monday march 18 - 11:00

Wish your brain was better to understand this isnt nonsense

ee Taavi
ee FC Pusa
tr Mavi >> monday march 18 - 11:07

@Awful, i see you've been warned before. And i see you didnt mind that warning at all. Consider this another warning, we are well aware that you are trolling and trolling wont contribute anything to any discussion. Stop.

tr Mavi
tr Çorum Trail Blazers ★
eng Monk >> tuesday march 19 - 21:51

My Patriots, having missed out on automatic promotion on goal difference, lose the play off match on away goals. On my birthday too. Poor me.

eng Monk
ao Caxito Daoists
py Soumger >> tuesday march 19 - 22:38

Happy birthday tho

py Soumger
ec Malebranche
ee Taavi >> tuesday march 19 - 22:51

Happy bday Monk :)

ee Taavi
ee FC Pusa
ro Andrei >> wednesday march 20 - 04:08
Belated happy birthday, Brother Monk!
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
fo Skúvoy Wednesday
eng Monk >> wednesday march 20 - 06:20

Thank you my friends. :-)

eng Monk
ao Caxito Daoists
eng Stephen >> wednesday march 20 - 07:36

Was it really your birthday or is this about me stealing your Cake?

Sorry to hear about your loss. Keep building and you will be back at the top table and making an impact on League 1 before very long. You’re too good not to be.

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
eng ipfreely >> wednesday march 20 - 13:04, Edited wednesday march 20 - 22:46

Sent an open friendly challenge this morning on my 2nd team and forgot to check back. Friendly was accepted and played on default tactics without me realising. Striker got injured in the game and now can't play in play-off 2nd round. Oops frown

eng ipfreely
vi Lollapa Losers
eng Monk >> wednesday march 20 - 21:36


Yes it was. Please don't ask how old! :-). I was hoping for a (Findlay) Cake present, but it wasn't to be. Thanks for your kind words. I'll go again next season with my Patriots. This season my target was play offs. Next season it will be promotion, so we'll have to see if I can live up to my own expectations!

eng Monk
ao Caxito Daoists
eng Yid >> thursday march 21 - 17:42, Edited thursday march 21 - 17:48

Fed up with my best midfielder being targeted by the ME for yellow cards. I have received 7 yellow cards in my North American World Cup qualifying campaigne,  5 of which are for my best midfielder (despite him having correct he has been booked in every game he has played), he will now miss his 2nd match through suspention in the first leg of a key knock out match.frown

eng Yid
eng Tottenham Hotspur FC
us Peter >> saturday march 23 - 14:43, Edited saturday march 23 - 14:55

My season starts with:

Super cup vs. Riverhounds
U21 match vs. Riverhounds
League match vs. Riverhounds


Edit: New development – my goalie got injured in a friendly today, and is literally 3 minutes away from being able to play in the Super Cup tomorrow. 3 minutes is the difference between me winning a trophy and not winning it. Should've just not fielded any of my starting 11 in a friendly... Thanks, game.

us Peter
us Detroit Blazers
ee onuelver >> sunday march 24 - 13:01

Players on loan don't want additional experience from CL matches.

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back
us Mercuric >> sunday march 31 - 04:44

Should bot teams be purchasing players for $490 million?

This player is good, but 28 years old.  What do you all think, is this player worth his market value?

us Mercuric
us Manchester Dutch UTD