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FRUSTRATION (Season 25+) (5942)

us Mercuric >> monday april 15 - 15:40
0 points against the second seeded team in my League group, despite putting up many, many shots. This will make advancing further very difficult.
us Mercuric
us Manchester Dutch UTD
ee onuelver >> monday april 15 - 20:52

Everything is going wrong this season. How the hell same team was able to stay up if it's so outclassed now?

ee onuelver
ee Puka City Strikes Back
us Peter >> wednesday april 17 - 15:57, Edited wednesday april 17 - 15:57

It's so tempting to buy high-talent players but every time I think twice, knowing that the top teams have training complexes so advanced that it effectively adds 2 talent balls to all their youths. That makes the player I'm looking at quite average once he's in my measly FA1.

us Peter
us Detroit Blazers
eng Dragontao >> thursday april 18 - 05:37

Finally sell a player, not even that expensive ((19 million), less than market value. 12 hours later, still waiting for the transfer to be approved.

Because the transfer market isn't irritating enough. This game becomes more frustrating by the day.

eng Dragontao
eng FC KedOff
ee Taavi >> thursday april 18 - 13:04

I didnt even know the market was open...

ee Taavi
ee FC Pusa
gr PMK >> thursday april 18 - 13:17

what market?

gr PMK
gr Aigamis
rs Sale >> thursday april 18 - 14:02

The stupidity of results and play continues.

rs Sale
rs Империјал
us ICONic >> thursday april 18 - 14:30

Lots of injured players have led to my team losing a game today. 

So much frustrated for us,  I hope we can make up this top3 finish?,  this season 

us ICONic
cn Know No Fear
us ICONic >> thursday april 18 - 14:36

Another of my stupid player suspended.. What's so wrong this week, expecting a tough game tomorrow and I don't have any good players to defend the game.. 

I haven't tried playing with 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 for a very long time I hope luck will be on our side

us ICONic
cn Know No Fear
ee Balthazor >> thursday april 18 - 18:24

@Uncle Upright

Your card collectors are not Correct and got their third yellow. You have been just quite lucky so far, but now all collected to short period.


I see quite close teams and home team had little bit more chances and got minimal win thanks to home advantage. Most logical result.   

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn
se Kupus >> friday april 19 - 07:30


The one you have been using 5 times the last 2 days.

se Kupus
Community admin
de Regnum Croatorum
rs Sale >> friday april 19 - 07:50


So it was also logical that he should not lose with a weak GK?

rs Sale
rs Империјал
nl Glory >> friday april 19 - 07:54


You played weak attackers, 2 of which who played with a penalty due to their specials, so relatively his GK does not seem to be very weak at all.

nl Glory
nl Glory!
pt otario007 >> friday april 19 - 12:20


pt otario007
pt The Sound of Silence
ca Jax >> friday april 19 - 14:15

I'd love to know how my DCB ended up playing RW...  This is why I don't set lineups on my phone.  No clue how that could have happened...

ca Jax
ca ⚡The Undisputed Era⚡