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Training Suggestions and Advice (34)

wal Numpty >> monday december 9 - 09:09, Edited monday december 9 - 09:10


How many position trainings are you intending to do? 

Even if you do 10 you still won't get back all the xp spent on Duelling, although you will get most of it and he would become a very decent AM.  

I think the answer really depends on what kind of player you need most and what else you are intending to buy. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
gr PMK >> monday december 9 - 10:15

Well if you do 10 retrainings you will end up with 6,17balls in passing and 1,5balls in tactics. If you think it is enough passing for an AM at this age in your team, then you could retrain him.

gr PMK
gr Aigamis
be Angeldust >> monday december 9 - 12:16

@Numpty: my needs and transfer targets can change depending on what kind of player he becomes as well, so at this point I just wanted to see how I could get the most out of this guy.

I'm not that good with numbers, so I didn't have any idea how he would have turned out after 5 or 10 position trainings to be honest. 
I expected him to have some more passing in the end, so that will probably solve my dilemma... :-) 
DM seems like the most sensible thing. 

be Angeldust
be Gantoise
wal Numpty >> monday december 9 - 17:20, Edited monday december 9 - 17:28

Okay, if it's a case of getting the most out of him then, as @PMK has already said, I think the simple answer is to keep him as a DM.  

It's not terribly cost-effective to change a player that's already been trained another way. 

Looking at the numbers in more detail his Duelling is currently 3.97 which should equate to a base value of 81 Duelling and also 3.75 (=75) Tactics.  For players over 21 there is a maximum limit of 10 position trainings, so if you did 10 then you would reduce Duelling to 31 and Tactics to 25 which you can retrain a little and then spend the rest of the xp on Passing. But he won't be as good an AM as he might have been because of the 'wasted' xp that's still on Duelling. 

If you keep him as a DM then I would suggest making sure he has as much Duelling as possible, since their main job is to tackle. Since you're happy to do some position trainings then I would reclaim some the xp spent on Passing to train more Duelling.

In this game most players are best trained as specialists, and those with multiple skills are not great at anything. DMs need to be very good tacklers and do not have to be good passers.  

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets