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FRUSTRATION (Season 25+) (6165)

rs Sale >> friday august 16 - 13:01


You say similar defence yet I had only 2 shots on target while he had scored that goal even though his strikers are terrible. Not to mention that again my GK failed to defend in 1 out of 3 shots.

I didn't say I expected more goals, but I didn't expect low number of shots on target, not against him. I hate big changes with same teams and same tactics where in same season I lose 0-1 but in the next match against the same opponent I win 7-1.

rs Sale
rs Империјал
ro Andrei >> friday august 16 - 13:28
Faulty argument, Awful. Players are not great simply because of their nationality.
ro Andrei
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fo Skúvoy Wednesday
us Peter >> saturday august 17 - 17:51


us Peter
us Detroit Blazers
eng Dragontao >> saturday august 17 - 20:52

It could be worse, at least we don't have VAR in Rocking Soccer. I'd probably find VAR rules out half of the few goals my team does score.

Just ask Pep afer City's draw with Spurs today. I think the Premier League have stolen the RS match engine. 30 shots to 3 and 2-2 lol.

eng Dragontao
eng FC KedOff Nil
hu Gombi2912 >> saturday august 17 - 22:05

So we are Spurs? :D 

hu Gombi2912
hu FC Budaors #4
eng Dragontao >> saturday august 17 - 23:10


eng Dragontao
eng FC KedOff Nil
eng Lee >> sunday august 18 - 11:14

5 draws in the last 5 games has ruined my promotion dream.

eng Lee
eng Canvey Pixels
uy Awful >> sunday august 18 - 12:06

worst season in club history :(

uy Awful
hr Internacionālā Daugava FC
lv Ar4ers >> sunday august 18 - 18:38

Great day!

Lost u-21  cup and league in same day, because of random

lv Ar4ers
lv Rīgas Dinamo
us cdowne >> monday august 19 - 14:46

Lost an undefeated season and likely the league title on the last day of the season.  Hard to believe that 18 shots wasnt enough to get a goal.

us cdowne
us Sidney Town FC
eng Dragontao >> monday august 19 - 15:05

In Rocking Soccer it's never hard to believe 18 shots isn't enough to get a goal. ;)

eng Dragontao
eng FC KedOff Nil
ee Taavi >> monday august 19 - 15:56, Edited monday august 19 - 15:57

Maybe ur gun is broken? Pretty big goal...hard to miss

ee Taavi
ee FC Pusa
ee Ryan >> wednesday august 21 - 11:40, Edited wednesday august 21 - 15:28

It's just lovely if you bid on a player from the same nation as your club, speaks the same language as your teams players, falls in the right age and value group, and then that **mod edit** club from an obscure country wins the bid with his 10% chance. Oh and it happens every time. Transfer market is just a huge meme. 

ee Ryan
qa Brave New World