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League of the Philippines/NT of the Philippines (1038)

ph Bangkicles37 >> friday december 7 - 14:03

With a poor Keeper and Fieldplayers, they are the candidate for direct relegation. The manager also usually focuses more with the parent team in China, and doesn't really recognize Cainta FC.

Later or tomorrow, we will finalize the Season 42 line-up for Asian League and the League of Philippines.

ph Bangkicles37
ph BlueStars Pangasinan
nl Garfman >> friday december 7 - 14:53, Edited friday december 7 - 14:53

Yup, this team has been around for a long time, but it is barely improving....the players are only getting older, so the team will be becoming weaker and weaker in the upcoming seasons.

Nicely timed player for my second team:

nl Garfman
Community admin
ph Garfman FC
ph Bangkicles37 >> saturday december 8 - 06:42

BlueStars Pangasinan releases its line-up for the League, Cup, and Asian League

  • GK: Adam Kofoed* (DEN)
  • LCB: Kiko Iruela (PHI)
  • CB: Ajibayo Nyitouek* (TOG)
  • CB: Amancio Tizol (PHI)
  • RCB: Li-ping Tsing (PHI)
  • DM: Fabricio Salazar (PHI)
  • DM: Dennis Pilapil (PHI)
  • AM: Wai Jokuri (SOL)
  • AM: Ori Shapiro (ISR)
  • S: Eduard Prio* (PAN)
  • S: Ju-long Tsu (TPE)

* National Team player

Notable Additions:

  • Fabricio Salazar (PHI) from 2.Petite Reveire Salee
  • Adam Kofoed*(DEN) from Kalimdor's Revenge
  • Francis Catenza (PHI) from Naga Dragons
  • Omar Auskar (SVK) from Liverpool FC Myanmar

Notable Losses:

  • Ioris Kyriakidis (GRE) to Old Sarum FC
  • James Cabande (PHI) to MPL Giants
  • Ramhi Jarullah (MAS) to 2.FC Monywa

The line-up shall be replaced in case of injuries and suspension.

ph Bangkicles37
ph BlueStars Pangasinan
nl Garfman >> Today - 14:43

Nice report, Bangkicles!

Can't really gage much from my first match, considering the walk in the park against the whipping boys of the league, Cainta FC. 8-0, with 2 goals for debut boy Fallarme and 1 goal for the other debut boy and future superstar Sam Mallari.

On the sales front, we were finally able to find a buyer for Alabatou, for a nice fee. Only Keng-Chi Lam still needs to be sold. Hopefully soon. Usman Bahawalanzai had the perfect goodbye match, moving him into retirement after his 100th NT match tomorrow. A big thank you goes to this amazing player, who has led this team from obscurity to a team that is challenging for a CL spot.

nl Garfman
Community admin
ph Garfman FC