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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (11847)

mn guanjunjiaofu >> tuesday january 8 - 07:12
We need more people to support us,as we are hard to maintain the finace balance. It is difficult to win some matches with the strongest teams. Thus, we fouce on the weaken team but must increase the attendances. Thank you!
mn guanjunjiaofu
mn FC AC Milan
us ICONic >> tuesday january 8 - 09:39
Hello and greetings love ones,
This is a game against Gibraltar Eagles, we need to improve on this game. My team have lost 4games this season and drawing 1, and with an injury of one of our defender I can said we are in a very bad situation this moment.
So we need to try and applied a little concoction to this game with less motivation and securing our next 5% to the game.
us ICONic
cn Know No Fear
is RoJo >> tuesday january 8 - 15:10

We are still following the 2 big team of the Championship but we still want to get this second place. The game which will come are very important. As-Safirah the second best team is coming home to try to secure his second place but we will beat them with your support ! The second against Damascus should be an easy win !

is RoJo
ba Layne >> tuesday january 8 - 16:21

Two easy games coming up. Vitez and Bosanski Brod. With six points from these games maybe we can climb up to na 2nd position. Nobody expected from us to be this high up on the table. Come and watch us.

ba Layne
es Bixo >> tuesday january 8 - 18:06
Welcome to a new party that Pucelana will welcome in its facilities in the country of Andorra. I would appreciate buying your tickets before they run out. It will be a very interesting football match. Thank you very much for your attention.
es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa
es O.R.R >> tuesday january 8 - 20:45

 leave the link of my next game, a match against one of the most feared rivals in the Cuban league a rival with a record of impressive vistoria and this same season gave me a review of the cup, so I will have to vary the strategy, so Good evening friends of roking soccer

es O.R.R
cu Team Melilla
gib bask >> wednesday january 9 - 11:30

hello i've to advertize two match the firtst against the bot team sal reai.

it will be an easy match so i prepared an second scale line up with some youngs and reserves to recover some tiredness of the usual starting eleven

the second match will be

against one other bot team but a bit stronger of the sal rei so always an second scale line up but with some important players

gib bask
cv Praia Wanderers
eng Tottenham Hotspur >> wednesday january 9 - 14:24

Tomorrow, Thursday, sees my Spurs, now in 2nd place after an unlucky 2-1 home defeat against the leader, we take on 8th placed Kingston Royals in what is another crucial game we need to win. We'll be doing our very best and hoping home advantage will tell this time.

eng Tottenham Hotspur
au Mancunian's Spurs
za Jamal >> wednesday january 9 - 14:29

Hey everyone

We are having a home game coming up, we wish to invite you all at King Fahad stadium. We have only lost twice this season we are hoping for automatic qualification. Tickets are now on sale at a very low prices...hurry

za Jamal
be KAA Gent
nl Khraa >> thursday january 10 - 10:45

Next game. Due to a stupid mistake (forgot to set a lineup for my friendly) we miss our most important DM. So  we will try something new today. Latheron is a game we should lose 6 out of 10 times. So let's see if this change in tactics will help us get a good result.

nl Khraa
sco Tamaranth Gryphs
ph Kevin Ramos >> thursday january 10 - 16:18

Leyte United FC's Estadio Maria will host the league game against the current 4th placer in the Division 2. Will the Leyte United FC grab the victory in their home? Or will the Cotabato FC pull an upset against the Burauen based team? It's for you to find out.wink

ph Kevin Ramos
ph Leyte United FC
it Emanuele >> friday january 11 - 00:06

good evening friends. the championship is about to end and we have to recover valuable points on the first three teams. so it will be crucial to win the next two games at home. To do that we need the support of our fans. force we fill the stadium

it Emanuele
lu Dudelange F91
my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> friday january 11 - 07:03

We have to keep winning to make sure we finished within the top 3 again. So we need to get a maximum point out of this game. We will field a full strength team to make sure of that. Please come and support us like always.

Thank you.

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
ph Kevin Ramos >> saturday january 12 - 01:04

Another easy opponent that we will face in our home stadium. Passi FC still haven't won against us this season that's why I am full confidence that we will get the 3 points during this fixture. Not gonna be a big score but a win is a win so come and witness the victory.

ph Kevin Ramos
ph Leyte United FC
ng Manager Dam >> saturday january 12 - 04:03

We're playing against a team in the 10th position of the league while we're in the 2nd position trailing Apadek with just 1 point.

We're glad to be the cup champions this season and it's dedicated to all our fans and supporters.

Our objective still continues and till the end of the season, every league match is like a final.

Support us as usual.

ng Manager Dam
pw Achi£v£r FC