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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (11763)

cn gangba >> saturday february 9 - 13:56, Edited saturday february 9 - 15:16

hi,all. so far we win 12 points after 4 round,not bad.this time we will face Kikenny united tomorrow,they are bot,so i think our young boys should have chance to play and win this one.guys,please come and watch this one on our new stadium,thank you!

and another one

cn gangba
ie Gangba
hu Zsone >> saturday february 9 - 18:50

won our first league game of the with that done its tme for another relegation battling game which is a must win.The team is ready,no injuries,full squad and hope tho  keep the three points at home. Its gonna be a fighter sesaon, but we will preveil.Go libak!

hu Zsone
hu FC Libalegelő Szabadka
zw Sergio >> saturday february 9 - 21:43

Ready for another roll? Its yet another match in the competition. FA Athletic Gweru hosts FC Crown. Come and cheer the lads as they give it all. After the squad was shed to give room for the youngsters its been a bit difficult for ghe Atheletes.  So drop by the stadijm and make sure you buy the legend Kudiadadzai's memorial jersey

zw Sergio
zw FC Athletic Gweru
ba Layne >> sunday february 10 - 03:58

Two wins in last few hours and we are still in first place. Our players our very tired and our key player, Domenico Carlini, got an ugly injury an he is out for ~2 weeks. We hope that we can keep our good results without him. Come and support us.

ba Layne
es O.R.R >> sunday february 10 - 07:34

good morning friends, I leave the link of my next game at home against a difficult opponent, and also aspiring to the title of the Cuban league, which means that I need your help in filling the field to have the maximum possible support and to get him out something positive, greetings
es O.R.R
cu Team Melilla
es Bixo >> sunday february 10 - 08:46
The doors of our stadium open to receive a new football match. It will be an interesting match between two great teams in which you will see a great football. You are all invited to see it. In the snack, snacks for all
es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa
sco kazzy >> sunday february 10 - 11:09

Good morning folks, got a game tonight against inverkeithing should be a win as they are run by a computer but I've been beat by them before lol would love to see as many as possible at the match so please come along.


sco kazzy
sco buckie bhoys
it Emanuele >> sunday february 10 - 14:11

championship day number 9. we are near the turning point of the second round. third position for us. we will try to win and take back the first two away 3 points only (in case of victory in the evening, or in case of a defeat 6). tomorrow's rival is a great team that certainly does not fight for the title but can take away important points from those who aim for the championship like us. the fight remains between 3 teams, which win the best one.

it Emanuele
lu Dudelange F91
eng ipfreely >> sunday february 10 - 18:40

So, another home game looms for Lollapa Losers. It is a little chastening to see that we are only 5th in the table, having briefly flirted with the top position, but a win today would move us up a few places given how early in the season we are.

eng ipfreely
vi Lollapa Losers
in Keju >> monday february 11 - 03:48

Stadium upgrade will happen very soon! Last game in old stadium. Unfortunately we lost the previous game. But we are still in the u21 cup and normal cup. Currently sitting 3 in the table.will be a slightly weaker squad today

in Keju
in Bengaluru FC
tr iz0 >> monday february 11 - 05:52

Again a home match for us. Unlucky that we are we are still not winning games. We still hope we can turn this around but we are afraid that we going down a division. But sometimes you need to take a step back to take two forward..

Buy your tickets for our next home match here:

Hope to see you in the stadium!

tr iz0
tr Ödemişspor
be henry1818 >> monday february 11 - 19:01

Time to turn the tide. So far the season has started poorly with more losses than anything else. The home game against Corcaigh offers aan opportunity to follow up on the surprise Cup win against a stronger team. Get your tickets for this upcoming game.

be henry1818
us Soccer Director >> monday february 11 - 19:08
Both teams have be improving so good but still we don't need to underestimate our visitor to the 50thousand capacity.
All we need is to analysts carefully, play well and win this game as we look into in playing as a team not like an individual.
A ticket is out for this game and we look forward for your support:

us Soccer Director
pl Soccer Project™
es Bixo >> monday february 11 - 22:55
Tickets are now available for a new match that our team plays in the Andorra League. It will be an exciting game against a very difficult opponent in the top of the table. At rest, free snacks for all attendees
es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa