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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (11864)

fr Minigad >> monday april 15 - 14:33

This 44th season is quite important for Ireland. 8 teams (out of 10) are nowadays managed. We need to encourage that!

On Wednesday I will host one of the two teams without a coach : Howth Town and we must win :

The next day will be more difficult versus Cork Rovers but the goal is different because we need a full stadium :

fr Minigad
fr An Oriant Da Viken
us ICONic >> monday april 15 - 15:00
There's definitely a miracle to our last game and you need to watch this : ( ),

This is an opportunity given to us again to bounce back and we have to grab it with full passion and same spirit with the same motive of play and hope our best striker to be on the peach as well after todays injury.
So I believe at present, my team have to keep on fighting and we have to admit our chase for the top 3. So we delivered tickets to the next game.
us ICONic
cn Know No Fear
gr matron >> tuesday april 16 - 05:54

good morning people.

our team nerds had a rough period of 3 seasons without a title and now we are finally back on track.

this years goal is our european league qualification position.

and we can achieve that with your help.

at wednesdays match we are excited to be the 1st maatch in our new and upgraded Nicola Tesla arena. 

we expect you all to be there cheering for us and we promise you plenty of goals :)

gr matron
gr Nerds
eng Tottenham Hotspur >> tuesday april 16 - 09:45

good moaning. :)

Thursday sees my Spurs, currently still in 2nd place but getting out of contention now for first spot after another disappointing draw last time, which saw us draw after another late goal, this time in the 85th minute! :( Take on 8th placed Pink Panther FC in a game we need to win to stay in play-off position. Do come along.

eng Tottenham Hotspur
au Mancunian's Spurs
cn gangba >> tuesday april 16 - 13:33

hi,all.we get back to back home matches again.first we will face mullingar, they are no.3,our best players should play hard to play and win this tough one.then,we will face UC cork united,they are no.5,but i think our young boys shuld have chance to play this one.thank you all for your support!

cn gangba
ie Gangba
my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> tuesday april 16 - 13:56, Edited tuesday april 16 - 13:57

We are in not a good form while trying to get that hard win the Asian League. So we are looking to get a good game in our league. We want to win this game and solidify our position in the league. Please come and support us like always. TQ

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
be kv >> tuesday april 16 - 15:49, Edited tuesday april 16 - 15:55

hi ladies and gentlemen ,

our division is realy strong so we have a difficult season ahead .  we are playing the top team nani heist  so we need a big win  no lost game because we are a low bottom team . what a difficult season we need the 3 points so come help us and chear us to victory we need all the help we can get. greatings calcio genk 

another game

be kv
be [FS] Calcio Genk
sco kazzy >> tuesday april 16 - 16:29

Good day and next up is wee free men not bad on their day and can be dangerous but so can we lol we've won our last two and are happy with things at the moment and a good crowd would be fantastic 


sco kazzy
sco buckie bhoys
in Keju >> wednesday april 17 - 06:34, Edited wednesday april 17 - 12:10

Hi. Sadly we lost our prev game. We need to win this home game for the fans. Looking at 4th place finish again. Making money through market . No youngsters will play , congrats on 2 mil popularity . Some new players will be signed. Stay tin d

in Keju
in Bengaluru FC
rs Milos1976 >> wednesday april 17 - 11:14

Ok,we need to win this one..No excuses,no empty words..No mistakes,just simple goal,win,win,win...We are 3 points behind our biggest rival,but with one game more to play...If we win this one,we are geting back pol position.Hoping that we could manage 25.000 spectators at least..

rs Milos1976
rs Avalon Utd
us ICONic >> wednesday april 17 - 15:24
We are going to dominate a lot to this game and There's no much work to be done and we are on! To this game also and we will create a good environment for it as well.
So we do asked, Can we can go on to win this game?
us ICONic
cn Know No Fear
eng Stephen >> wednesday april 17 - 19:25

The lads kick off against one of the few human teams in the League of Malawi. The team has been trying to rase a lot of money in the transfer window to bring in the cash to build more facilities. A full stadium would help as well, of course. A win would help keep up the unlikely chance of a title win too:

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach