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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (12392)

lv Kristaps >> wednesday august 14 - 12:16

Last game we lost in very close race, I think that we didn't deserve to lose in that match. Both teams played good, and draw would be better solution. But still we are in first place, we just need to get over our loss and fight for first tittle since early beginnings of our team. 

lv Kristaps
fi FC Turku Red Bull
ng DANIEL STARBOY >> wednesday august 14 - 22:43
Hello managers
we want to inform you that this is our last home match aganist Port Harcourt 1993 this match is like bonus for us we are ready to beat them to celebrate the end of the season,we are going to do better next season,i belive that new player would join us next season,food,snacks,drinks,juice etc is for free,we do this to thank you from the begining of the season to the end,

ng Dstars
us ICONic⭐ >> thursday august 15 - 02:23

Hello everyone 

This is our last game of the season and the luck will be on our side as its the last game we will played and coming over to witness. The top3 is still on a hunt but without being greedy finishing at the the top four will also he good for us too. So brethren come over and buy our tickets to this match as there are many vip louges available .

us ICONic⭐
ca ➕Proverbs 17:17➕
us supermanager1 >> thursday august 15 - 03:10

Our next home match, last of this season, is against FC Tobago Vanagi, second in the League of Trinidad and Tobago. FC Tobago Vanagi has defeated us in our last 52 head-to-head matches, and we are expected to lose by a wide margin. This match is unlikely to have major ramifications. The important match for FC Point Fortin is earlier that day against FC Academia de Semigallia, with the winner likely taking the final North American League qualifying spot. Be sure to come to this match, as FC Point Fortin is finishing the season by honoring our loaned players, and buying a ticket to this match will net you a Theo Konrad t-shirt.

us supermanager1
tt FC Point Fortin
in Keju >> thursday august 15 - 05:56

Really poor work by me. Failed to attend a live home game. Which means I may not be able to upgrade stadium this season. Looking on the bright side we still get interest and can finally begin our rebuilding. We will raise more funds. The next two home games we will play youngsters we have a chance of suprising Asian entry . Next season is going to be worse but we will survive

in Keju
in Bengaluru FC
my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> thursday august 15 - 06:14
We have been on fire lately but we still to win one more important game against our closest rival if we want to finish in top 2 again. And of course we need to win remaining games to make sure of that. We should at least to get a draw in this game to make sure. Please come and support us.
my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ >> thursday august 15 - 19:02
two last home game of the season, if you haven't bought our tickets yet, you still have chance to do it now, I will return the favour too, everybody is free to buy my tickets here.
Hilltown is my next opponent, I definitely need the three points here to seal my top7 finish this season, though we still have chance to finish 6th, our remaining home games should be won and nice popularity to be gain.
ng Don-x⭐Ⓜ
ng ¤_Naija boyz fc_¤
ng Manager Dam >> friday august 16 - 01:32

A home league match against the top 2 team in Palau league. We have no hope of winning, we're going to field youth players to gain more experience. 

Here is a ticket in order for you to watch our youth showcase their talents

ng Manager Dam
pw Achi£v£r FC
nl kuype12 >> friday august 16 - 08:33

The match that will decide the championship. That was the title of this match beforehand between the number 1 Eldearon and number 2 Soloslim united. But Soloslim has made some fatal mistaks by playing 2 drawes in the last couples matches, resualting in a 7 points lead for Eldearon. A draw will be enough to win the championship but Eldearon will go for the win.

nl kuype12
nl Eldearon
be Alagesia >> friday august 16 - 12:27

I joined the newly named "Team Betsy" today, and their prospects are looking good in the league. With veteran players who are right at the top of the league, this season should land us a ticket for continental football if we keep up our good form.

Come support for us in our match against bot controlled FC Lilongwe!

be Alagesia
ng Hero >> friday august 16 - 13:31 

Welcome to my last hone match of the league. This season, the league has been so entertaining with a lot of goals and upset too. In all, it was fun to be here because of of my love for football. After this match, we all will be waiting to see what new will be added to this great league. Hope admin won't fall our hand on that. So, come buy ticket to my match and also come to watch it. See you all there. 

ng Hero
ng Hiro88 FC
za Oom Koenraad >> friday august 16 - 19:32

Hey Managers! 

The last game of the season is gonna be great,the boys had made me proud of how they fair this season now they surprised me by finishing top 4.

To be honest i didn't expect that from them..

Please continue supporting the lads 

za Oom Koenraad
za Eastern Cape spurs Fc
eng wonderlust >> sunday august 18 - 20:21

Forever We Are Wolves play their last home game tonight!

It has been an OK season; just boring mid-table but we were not expecting any more than that as our squad does not match up to the top teams in England.  Happy to stay there for a while and just keep building facilities.  Maybe one day we'll catch up with them?

eng wonderlust
eng Forever We Are Wolves
ng Samtizzy >> monday august 19 - 13:00

Hey  Managers!

This is my last home match of the season and i'm hopping for a third straight win with my young warriors..

Moreover i didn't start the season in a pretty good way but finishing  4th was the best i could archive this season.

And am also looking forward to try and catch up with the big guys in my league next season...

I'll be greatful for your support in this match!!

ng Samtizzy
ht Port-au-Prince #5
fr Minigad >> sunday august 25 - 09:41

New season, same opponent!

Hi everyone,

For my first two games I already know I won't win. My stadium will be full for my first home game of the season versus fencer. After that, I will drive my players to Gangba. I am already looking at the next games in early September.

fr Minigad
fr An Oriant Da Viken