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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (12683)

my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> wednesday september 11 - 07:39

Hello Managers

Here come the big gun where we have been trying to get some positives result from all previous matches. Seems like it is going to be another blowout. But this time we will put a bus in front our goal and see if we can get a draw.

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
ng Manager Dam >> thursday september 12 - 01:13

Here comes a tough home league match against FC Olid. I'm sure my team stands no chance of winning this game but it's a step towards becoming better in few seasons to come. 

Buy a ticket to watch this match and get to cheer up my players as we will play a Tiki taka style of game.

ng Manager Dam
pw Achi£v£r FC
in Keju >> thursday september 12 - 07:40

 A local derby against the team just above me. Players doing well . We will play our main squad and go for the points as the u21 cup would be over by now. I hope to the u21 can lift the trophy . We got the 9 points from prev games this looks harder

in Keju
in Bengaluru FC
ng Hero >> thursday september 12 - 11:27 

Welcome to another of my home march coming up with a lot of excitement and fun to follow during the break. Its going to be an interesting match because my opponent is very good and am really ready for him, so, come buy ticket to this my match and also come to watch it. See you all. 

ng Hero
ng Hiro88 FC
lv Kristaps >> thursday september 12 - 12:19

Two home games against strong opponents. It perfect situations, it would be nice if we could get at least 4 points in these 2 home games. We definetly gonna play our best game, so we could earn as many points as possible this season. I like how our new team players are playing and showing, that they want to be here. Keep going lads.

lv Kristaps
fi FC Turku Red Bull
eng Matt >> thursday september 12 - 19:02


We have so far had a flawless season. We have won all games so far in the league, and are top with a large gap between 2nd place. We have also progressed on to Round 4 of the U21 Youth Cup, although failed to reach the 5th round of the national cup. This season is gonna be our season.

eng Matt
eng Exeter Gently FC
ng DANIEL STARBOY >> friday september 13 - 08:55
Hello managers
we are here to let u know about our next home match,am very sure we are going to win this match,we dont want to loose any home match anymore,we want to be serious now and to be focus to promote legue 1,please we shall see u there,all our player are ready to make u happy,they have make a promise to do better

ng Dstars
us ICONic⭐ >> friday september 13 - 12:03

If not that we are one of the top teams in this league, it could have been a tough task staying at this level we are now in this league. 

We believe that nobody is perfect and we are not afraid of defeat,  lol we are wise and we gonna be sturbbon  to keep the struggle flowing. 

supports are really needed to our next game :

us ICONic⭐
ao ⚡⚡High Voltage⚡⚡
za Oom Koenraad >> friday september 13 - 12:48, Edited friday september 13 - 19:04

Good day Managers,for us this weekend is Super Saturday Soccer whereby we will be taking an atrocious Temple side that fears no team.

In form Midfielder Odumeguru Zedru shared some words with Local football journalist Moussa Sportman saying "WIth all due respect with Temple coach we are not afraid of them,of course we in our own backyard we gonna take the game to them given that our supporters go fill up The Theatre of Dreams we gonna show no mercy" 

I urge every manager go and grab a frontrow seat.

za Oom Koenraad
vu Port-Villa Football club
be Bartje_vM >> friday september 13 - 14:01

Hello everyone,

I still manage Vianden and I am back in second division, after my drastic change of team in the mid-season of previous season in first division. I saw that it had no use to hold this older average guys above, because I couldn't make it in there.

The goal was to grow steady with young and more native players in second league. But quite against the odds I find myself once again at the top of the league with only 2 average-good defenders, 3 average midfielders and 2 average-good strikers. Yet here I stand with a nice 33/39-run with no losses so far.

I think Go Ahead Eagles Beaufort will take it in the end, but it is a challenge to make it to play-off matches. If it is not this season I promote, I will try to do so next season with older/average players. I need to be in first to be able to upgrade the stadium. Now I have mostly bigger popularity then my opponents in second league.

Next game of the second round in our competition should be an easy one against one of the weakest squads in second: FC Leudelange. They don't have a good goalkeeper and their strikers suck. No excuses, this game must be won.

be Bartje_vM
lu Vianden
be henry1818 >> friday september 13 - 17:54

Taking over a new team is tough and most matches have been lost so far. This season FC Matola should not have too high ambitions. Avoiding reledation seems a good objectieve. Tomorrow game lets us face Pemba, whose team is substantially stronger. A draw would be nice, but our best player is injured.

be henry1818
be Fastpacers II
my DoOne Awang Bakaq >> saturday september 14 - 05:14

Hello Managers

Been a tough season again. Looks like we are in a fight for top 3 only this time around but we should be good. We are trying to be the best of the rest. So we need to win this game. Please come and support us.

my DoOne Awang Bakaq
my Kelab Bola Merbok
ng ELCHIDI >> saturday september 14 - 06:06

Good morning to you rockers, top fans and wonderful coaches, it's another league home match for us, we had a turn around match during the last home game, I know we can replicate it again in this home match, and thank you for being part of my uplifting character... Buy my match tickets madam and gentle technicians of the great world soccer

ng Naviln⚽weed⚽FC ⚽
fr Minigad >> saturday september 14 - 06:59

Hello RS! I need you to play in a fuller stadium for my next home games.

You can still buy the last VIP-tickets for my tomorrow game versus Champien ac

On Tuesday I will face Damabiah Football Club and the sale campaign has just begun :

fr Minigad
fr An Oriant Da Viken