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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (13746)

cn gangba >> friday july 31 - 07:52

hi,all. we get back to back home matches again. first we will face Wewinwin later of today,their manager is a new comer,so i think its easy to win 3 points. then we will face Cork river team,they are no.3 of league,hope our best players can win this tough one. thank you!

cn gangba
ie Gangba
gr BlackRaven >> friday july 31 - 09:17

Greetings fellow managers

This will be an easy game which we expect to win...we need the valuable 3 points to stay on top of the league...our aim is to become champions but this is a long shot...see you in the fields managers!

gr BlackRaven
eng Jimmy C >> saturday august 1 - 01:03

A poor season so far though with a new manager in for his first home game of the season, Nomad FC face a tricky few games against established clubs. Join us on our fight in the land of sand and show your support to the boys!

eng Jimmy C
ae Nomad FC
ng luverboi >> saturday august 1 - 08:13

Thanks RS Managers for the turn up last time in our match. This is the next journey as the race to playoff begins in the League of Nigeria[2].

Oyo Legends vs Giant Star. It will be a very easy match for us as the Opponent at the 19th in the league with just two wins in 22matches.

ng luverboi
ng Ijesa Golden Warriors
ng Flamezy >> saturday august 1 - 14:45

Another incoming home game and it's another 3pt to be acheived,despite the red card in our last home game, we still fry beating for our counterparts to show our fans we are worthy to be followed, against Abeokuta fc on Sunday 

Watch this one lively

ng Flamezy
ng Arsenal Fc
ng Hero >> saturday august 1 - 14:57

Welcome to my coming soccer home league game against one of the prominent team in the league of Nigerian. They are d best but am prepared for them. It's not going to be an easy match but am not giving up. So you all are welcome to come and buy ticket to this my match and also come to watch it. 

ng Hero
ng Hiro88 FC
ru Mr. Arpit >> saturday august 1 - 15:30

Welcome Welcome Welcome chaps we wish you joyfully

Welcome Welcome Welcome chaps to the Thunder Family!

We are delighted to welcome you to the next game against the indomitable, the invincible and the heroic ATK Mohun Bagan's match which we will be hosting tomorrow!! We are suffering some really embarrasing losses due to short sighted management but we won't lose hope! We will try our best and perform! Do visit us!

ru Mr. Arpit
in Thundering Pune
nl Lasse Oussoren >> sunday august 2 - 05:20

Dear managers, 

The team is fighting for survival, but in the last few games the team has obtained some very unexpected points. The reason for this? Your support in the home games and sheer work ethic in the away games. Naturally, with a history like this, the team should never relegate from the first division, and hence the team needs your support. Show it!

nl Lasse Oussoren
zw Sergio >> sunday august 2 - 05:31

How are you good people, we welcome you back in town. Come witness the second half of the season in the Zimbabwe League. Seems like the title belongs to Inter Zanetti already. But we will give the runners up a run for their money. We are also resorting to a young squad to be able to raise money for the Football academy level 3. Next Mach we Host FC Crown, a good team from the Midlands and pray for us to sail through

zw Sergio
zw FC Athletic Gweru
ng Timi >> sunday august 2 - 05:47, Edited sunday august 2 - 07:07

Edited by 8:05. 

Link to yet another home match.

Hello to everyone thanks to those that have been consistent in buying tickets to my matches this season. The Board it grateful.

This season has been filled with different result we win some, draw some and loose some. Currently we are 7th on the log and we hope to beat out season target of 5th. Come, watch us as we player like it's our last.


ng Timi
ss FC Juba #3
eng holt >> sunday august 2 - 06:00

There hasn't been a lot of activity lately.We managed to sell a few player in the transfer window,but we are still projected to have a drop off of 82 million compared to the last season.Hopefully our rapid growth in popularity will help us next season.Till then,enjoy the matches.

eng holt
si Revival FC
cn gangba >> sunday august 2 - 06:47

hi,all. we get back to back home matches again.first we will face Dublin laterof today,then we will face We winwin team tomorrow. both of them are weak team,so i think our young boys should have chance to play and win these two. so far we are the no.2 of league,we still have chance to win the title,lets see :) thank you all!

cn gangba
ie Gangba
my رضوان ابو بكر >> sunday august 2 - 23:27

Hello Managers

We got to win this game as if we lost we are going to have a tough time trying to maintain our third place in the league. Looking as current team we should be able to get that 3 point. Please come and support us.

my رضوان ابو بكر
my Redwolf SC
ng Flamezy >> monday august 3 - 09:36
  1. No more hope of  making it to the first position in the league but our new goals is to cement our position as the second position, we have to work hard for this because we are been followed by a grt team,  this coming match is must win for us, so watch the match live at Emmprex arena

ng Flamezy
ng Arsenal Fc
ar Leonardo Cardozo >> monday august 3 - 12:06

As these pretty and good ugly people also hahahaha here I come as always to bother but well without further ado I leave you the tickets for my next game thank you in advance and have a nice time for you

ar Leonardo Cardozo
ar Diablo rojo