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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (13606)

es Bixo >> saturday october 17 - 06:41

Greetings to all.The new season is now underway and we have already won our first match so let us see for how long can we keep the winning streak going.Having been relegated,the club heavily relies on Gate Revenue and as a result,we will once again require the backing of our loyal fanbase to ensure that the club's goals can be achieved.So come and support us in what could be a stepping stone to the future.

es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa
tr red >> saturday october 17 - 08:50
Hello, we have been in the second league this season, I hope we will have a nice season, our club has started renovation efforts, we are on the way to establishing I do not know if I can fill the stadium in the second league.

tr red
tr Kırmızı beyaz
ru Mr. Arpit >> saturday october 17 - 09:52

Good morning folks trying to sell tickets for another one of of our home matches coming up against a team whose name is hard to pronounce I'm not kidding youse, it begins with an C lol but we know we can win this game as they only got promoted this season and aren't as strong as us and as I say with all your backing here in paradise we will win it for youse..

ru Mr. Arpit
in Thundering Pune
cz ArchStorm >> saturday october 17 - 17:37


Today is the first league natch of the season.

And it always good to have 3 points start in beggining of the season.So stop watching Tv from you sofa and come to the stadium to support your team in new season.

cz ArchStorm
cz FK Archie
ng PETCEL >> sunday october 18 - 11:14

Petcel Academy will be playing their first home game against one of the toughest clubs in the league. Since the team will be fighting tooth and nail to get a point from the match, Me the manager pleads that you buy our tickets and support us on the day.

ng Petcel Academy
gr Getas >> sunday october 18 - 13:19

Although we know that this season we are doomed, we still want to get as much as cash as possible, given that we are trying to get our facilities up to scratch! So please buy tickets so I can upgrade that all-important arena!

gr Getas
gr Άρις Μεσσηνίας
eng ipfreely >> sunday october 18 - 14:54

Lollapa Losers begin another season with hopes of repeating their recent success. No new signings as we try to save up for Stadium 11, but with existing players improving, there is still cause for optimism. We have our first home game tomorrow and expect a win.

eng ipfreely
vi Lollapa Losers
ng Dam >> sunday october 18 - 19:54, Edited sunday october 18 - 19:55

  • The super cup of Palau has been won,first league and home match also won. I'm taking every game comes another home league match against Koror fc and it's a team that boasts of the highest assist holder for last season. I hope it's going to be a comfortable win,buy a ticket to show us your support.
ng Dam
pw ⭐ Barcelona SC⭐
tr Amâsî >> monday october 19 - 11:05

Hi. We won our first match in the Kuwait League. Our goal now is to win all the matches and create a miracle. Is it difficult? Yes, hard. But we will achieve this! Amasya SC will do the trick!

Good look Kuwait League. :))

tr Amâsî
kw El Amasya SC
za Chief >> monday october 19 - 11:31

After a hard fought win in our first home game and a comfortable cup win we are up against a weaker team and we hope it is going to be smooth sailing and we can collect all three points. Come and support the team.

za Chief
za Venda All Nations
my رضوان ابو بكر >> monday october 19 - 12:02

Hello Managers

We are into our second home game. This should be an easy win for us but still we need to play better than our last game. Our players are getting old but we will try to get a young player a chance in this game. Please come and support us.

my رضوان ابو بكر
my Redwolf SC
ng Hero >> monday october 19 - 12:06

welcome to my coming home league soccer game. It's my second home league game at home and am hoping to see a win. I was unlucky to my first match. I would have get a  draw at least  but it's still OK.  So please be my) guess comes this match. Thanks. 

ng Hero
ng Hiro88 FC
es Bixo >> monday october 19 - 17:46

Greetings fellow managers,

This will be an easy match against an easy winning we will be put on top of the leauge ready to challenge  the first 3 us for the championship run

See you in the fields managers :)

es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa
de bask >> monday october 19 - 20:19

hello guys this is my firts match home of the season and i need all your support to sell out all each tickets, the opponent will be island maldida a brand new team settled a couple of weeks ago here in the caboverdian league, so who knows...let s hope fora win

de bask
cv Robur Praia
ru Mr. Arpit >> tuesday october 20 - 09:13

 Hello fellow managers. After the transfer window, we have a stronger and more experienced team.  We should win this game. Our rotation players will start as they need game time. We are looking for a squad revamp starting from the next tranfers market. Our stadium upgrade going good. We will indeed win

ru Mr. Arpit
in Thundering Pune