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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (13736)

cz ArchStorm >> sunday november 22 - 10:16

Hello all fans of football, another interesting matches are ahead of our team.

Youngsters cant wait till match begins and hope for supportes come to stadium and do their job. Opponent teams arent that strong but you never can be sure about result. Even our team is no.2, there are no promotion expectation. We are still in building procces, but it seems we are on the right track.

Wish us good luck and enjoy the match

cz ArchStorm
cz FK Archie
ru Mr. Arpit >> sunday november 22 - 19:29

My next match is against an old formidable rival of mine, Mohun Bagan, they are one of the most strongest teams in the league and they have a completely home grown squad, in sharp contrast with our overseas veterans, (most of whom are Chinese ironically). We expect to give them thunder in response to their iron! Do watch it live from our newly renovated stadium.

ru Mr. Arpit
in Thundering Pune
ng Dam >> monday november 23 - 07:06

Two home league matches against a weak team and a strong team. Hopefully my team wins as we move towards the end of this season and I know nothing should stop me from winning the Palau league for the fourth consecutive time and looking forward to winning it with an unbeaten record. Get a ticket to watch the two matches

ng Dam
pw ⭐ Barcelona SC⭐
ng Gene >> monday november 23 - 08:31

Good to announce to you another home match tonight against the team in the second position of the league, we are determined to put in our utmost by encouraging the players to perform better, perhaps we will be able to contend for top 4 if we can maintain a draw tonight.

ng Gene
ng Firstar Fc
my رضوان ابو بكر >> monday november 23 - 13:28

Hello Managers

We are coming into an important game against our direct competition for the third place in our league. If we win this one we should be able to finish n the third again. So we need to get at least a draw. Please come and support us.

my رضوان ابو بكر
my Redwolf SC
za Chief >> Yesterday - 01:28 Greetings fellow managers, our next match is against a good team who are currently in 8th position. They are a team that could easily beat us if we don't bring our A game. This is our best season yet in terms of points collected and we aim to collect more. Come join us as we attempt to get maximum points.

za Chief
za Venda All Nations
es Bixo >> Yesterday - 08:39
The ticket offices are now open for the tickets to be collected for the next two matches of our team in the andorran league. At the break, snacks and drinks will be given to all attendees and a bicycle will be raffled. Thank you very much to all attendees.

es Bixo
ad PuCeLaNa
ar Leonardo Cardozo >> Yesterday - 18:40

I want to thank you for being with the red one again, we could not advance but the goal is to continue with the inferiors, so we are convinced that we will get ahead with the youth from now on, thank you and as always support the dear red

  I forgot your kindness

ar Leonardo Cardozo
ar Diablo rojo
gr Getas >> Yesterday - 18:48

We waited for the end of the season to start winning a few matches! It will be interesting to see if we can win this last match, just so as to finish on a positive note! So let's see if we can beat Kolokotronitsi!

Whatever the case, thank you all for your help up to now and see you next season!

gr Getas
gr Άρις Μεσσηνίας
cn gangba >> Today - 01:04

hi,all. these are our last home matches this season.first we will face An Muilearn gCearn, they are bot,so i think our young boys should have chance to play and win this one. then we will against UC Cork 2012,they are strong team,hope we can win this tough one.

thank you,and see you next season.

cn gangba
ie Gangba
zw Sergio >> Today - 01:52, Edited Today - 01:54

This is one of those matches that we are going to lose and lose well, the first choice goalkeeper got injured and will not be available, but the game has to go on. The young guy is available has need to do the job today

zw Sergio
zw FC Athletic Gweru