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Ticket sales blog. Write about your upcoming matches. (Rules included in first post) (12392)

hr Eddie >> saturday november 21 - 16:57, Edited saturday november 21 - 17:01
Time for a new ticket topic.

Please only post here if you want to write about your matches.
Use one of the other methods to sell tickets if you're not a writer:

These are the rules:
1. the post must contain something unique about your match
2. the post must be at least 40 words
3. the post can not be copied from a previous post (either your own or someone else's).
4. you should not say that you will buy return tickets, this is only natural and doesn't need to be mentioned. It won't be counted towards the 40 word limit.

If you don't know what to write, here are some ideas

- do you expect to win or lose the upcoming match?
- what are the consequences of a win or loss for the standings
- is your team doing better, worse or exactly as expected so far in this season
- are there special circumstances like injuries or suspensions that make this a hard match?
- does this match have special importance for you because it is against a friend or a rival?
- how did you do in previous matches against this opponent?
hr Eddie
us Peter >> saturday november 21 - 17:52

Detroit Blazers vs. Red Bulls. The Blazers haven't had much luck with the Bulls before, only winning 3 out of their 9 games with them. The Bulls also have the highest-scoring striker in the league. However, the Blazers have two of the top-ten scoring strikers. The Blazers an confident they will win. Come to their stadium and cheer them on!

Thanks to all ticket-buyers in advance.
us Peter
us Detroit Blazers
us mike >> saturday november 21 - 19:40

Concord Cobras open their new lvl 3 stadium against a tough Lake Forest squad. The two battled to a 1-1 draw earlier in the season and defender Eric Wicken makes his returrn from injury. Come out and support the Cobras.
us mike
us New Orleans
rs gradjaninX32 >> saturday november 21 - 19:54, Edited saturday november 21 - 19:55
Greetings everybody,
I invite you to take free tickets and attend matches of the football club Gradac. Get tickets and support my team against teams that are better placed on the table and that have a much older team. My team is currently in a poor score of the series and I hope that this will improve in the coming matches.
Free tickets:
rs gradjaninX32
be King >> saturday november 21 - 20:51
We are still getting points despite being the worst team in the competition in Belgium's highest division. We are now seperated from the red zone by 3 points. Can we continue our good performances of the past few weeks? We have another great team coming over to our Arena.
be King
se Kupus >> saturday november 21 - 20:55

Still close to top struggling the reach the top 3 but some good changes lately to the tactics might have some positive effects. With the new training center in place we believe the players will be more ready than ever.

With good support from the audience we are confident in a win.
se Kupus
Community admin
de Regnum Croatorum
us Harry9k >> saturday november 21 - 22:08, Edited saturday november 21 - 22:09
Come out to our first two games in the first league of Mauritania. We are looking to get off to a quick start and we need as many fans as possible to come out and cheer for us. So let's go out and win these two.
us Harry9k
hr RazieL >> sunday november 22 - 01:28

Hello supporters,i want to thank you for cheering last game,without your help we won and pickup 3 points.Now,i want call you for another match in our city,if we take some points in next 2 games away we will be in good postion in our game at home,and with your support i think we can take all points and climb on 1st or 2nd postion...See you
hr RazieL
no Krampe >> sunday november 22 - 06:00
Hello fellow managers.
Now its time to see what my team can manage in todays match against the good team of FK Bane.
This is the battle between the 2 place and the third place and a win here will give my team a great advantage for the rest of the season. Please come and support my team, I will appreciate your support.

Next home match is also a spesial one and against the 4 place. Please support!
no Krampe
no Bestibyn IF
nl armin999 >> sunday november 22 - 10:14
Dear friends,

It's important for us to fill our stadium at the moment. We're very close to starting to build TC10, but it's going to be a close run thing in regards to cash. It's going to come down to a few 100k's....
So we need as many people as possible to come visit us!

Also we still have some hope to qualify for the play-offs, 3 points will be very welcome!
nl armin999
nl FC Noordwijk #2
rw Takhs >> sunday november 22 - 10:37
hellow everybady...:)

caming 2 league matches for our try to keep stay in the first places. we start today match

it looks like that this easy but we must careffull for this dangerus players.
after 2 days we have inside 'Mufulira'

its importand to win these matches and have the 6 points in the "road" to champion.

V.I.P. ... waiting for you !
rw Takhs
zm phenom
pl Tech Noir >> sunday november 22 - 14:34
Good morning

My next match is against Lech Poznan which is currently 7th in the League. Team is managed by a human player and although it can be hard I expect nothing but win. I need to chase first place so pressure is high. If i will lose the chance of getting first place at the end of the season will be more than remote. I learnt from last season that every match and every goals counts. Considering strength of my team I should topping the table but unfortunately i drew too many matches and as a result i am 3rd. All players will be available so nothing to worry about, I guess. One of the solid defenders from opponent will be injured. I expect opponent to play 3 experienced defenders and one youth player and this makes easier for my forwards.
pl Tech Noir
pl Boom Xhaka Tackle
om Hairline disappeared >> sunday november 22 - 14:58
Happy to post my team in new topic. I have another home match in next Tuesday, my rival is not quite powerful, just a bot team .It is funny that I thought I would lose my trophy this season after I got double lose from league competator. I have givp up to defend champion, then he made mistakes, and I have got 3points ahead again on ranking.It is really a gift from gods.
om Hairline disappeared
es Beetho >> sunday november 22 - 21:40
Really important match against one of the best teams in the league. We are in the first positions but this match is more than a match. There are no injuries, and we need all the squad to beat one of the top. We are the second less scored team but we have to make an effort in attack. Nice match is coming, the support of the people who is going to come is basic!
es Beetho