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Locked Discussion About Managers (115)

eng holt >> monday june 3 - 15:15

I started this thread so all managers can keep others up to date about their activities ie.Joining a club,leaving a club,your views about other managers etc.

I put this up cause it's very awkard to discuss about managers in the forum except when there is a standoff in the Frustration column.

In news,Eddie Krucifer,longtime forum admin,has left the game. 

eng holt
si Revival FC
ro Andrei >> monday june 3 - 17:39
Yep, he did. More than a month ago.
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
fo Skúvoy Wednesday
us Peter >> monday june 3 - 18:23

Some of my other friends have left recently. It's sad to see them go

us Peter
us Detroit Blazers
ee Taavi >> monday june 3 - 19:15

Ive seen alot of friends go :/ Down to last 20ish

ee Taavi
ee FC Pusa
ca Ron >> monday june 3 - 19:18

People leave for various reasons...Happens in other games I have and play..Sometimes life gets busy sometimes interest falls off and other times the game doesn't develop enough to the needs of it's base...It's been a long time since we have seen a real change in game format here...I would love to see other tactics included perhaps specific nationality rules based on the League you play in...(must have at least 2 starters from the nation you play in on your starting roster) This would help National Teams develop faster as well...IDK just spitballing realling..

ca Ron
ca Van City FC
by Andryvs >> monday june 3 - 19:42


Need to make national cup in each country.  It would be like Cup, and where could get experience as well, but can not use import players. It also would be motivation to use players from nation you play.

by Andryvs
by Prussians
pt otario007 >> monday june 3 - 20:48


And leave the actual problem of the new facility levels unadressed? They completely destroyed the game: killed the market, killed any possibility for smaller teams to catch up... Its a waiting game now, what is there really to do when you dont have money to bid on players and at the same time, no one wants your players? 

pt otario007
pt The Sound of Silence
no Lied >> tuesday june 4 - 06:25

The Norwegian community/national forum used to be very active, now it's just dead. The game just stagnated, the new facility lvls didn't fix anything and the tactical part of the game has been the same for ages despite major room for improvement.

no Lied
eng holt >> tuesday june 4 - 13:46

I feel that this game needs to be made more mainstream if it needs to survive.I'm pretty sure that if a bit of cash was invested in the game to improve the tactics and graphics and release a mobile app.Even advertising would help a bit,even if it causes an influx in temporary players.Atleast some will stay and the game won't be as dead as it already is.

Also,Vincent should probably be atleast a little vocal in the Forum,even if to provide casual talk and titbits.Hopefully he knows where the game is heading cause I surely don't.The news section is more inactive than the League Forums.

Also,what happens to all the revenue generated? Surely not all of it is used in upkeep of the server,however negligible it maybe .

Lastly-I wanted to know how different/what  extraan features does an admin's account have ie.Andrei.

eng holt
si Revival FC
pl Tech Noir >> tuesday june 4 - 14:10

I willl never leave this game!

pl Tech Noir
pl Boom Xhaka Tackle
ro Andrei >> tuesday june 4 - 17:36
Check again, Holt. I'm not an admin.
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
fo Skúvoy Wednesday
wal Numpty >> tuesday june 4 - 21:30, Edited tuesday june 4 - 21:34

Okay I've checked. 

Andrei is listed as a Global Admin on the staff page, here:

Global admins

Staff role User

  • Head Developer Vincent de Boer 
  • Admin Mavi 
  • Admin Stephen
  • Admin Leon 
  • Forum Moderator Andrei 
wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ro Andrei >> wednesday june 5 - 03:11
Yes, that's why it says Admin separately and Forum Moderator separately. Because they're different.

If you really must know, I just get a VIP 1 for my troubles. Nothing else. No other special features.
ro Andrei
Forum Moderator
fo Skúvoy Wednesday
ee Balthazor >> wednesday june 5 - 04:07

Forum activity might be based on 1-2 active managers, who keep it alive. If one of them leaves, whole forum may extinct. 

Andryvs's idea of national cup may demotivate relatively newer users: in smaller countries botteams are filled with foreigners and they have to spend a lot to buy domestic players when their facilities aren't good enough.

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn
eng Stephen >> wednesday june 5 - 09:56

@Holt - admins get VIP2. Community admins get VIP1. Andrei has already told you what forum moderators get and I am pretty sure that translators get the same as that.

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach