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Selling a player to the bank(33% of value) (8)

pl Devilpage >> thursday january 16 - 16:17
People with the 10-12 lvl academy have a problem selling players. Those who have already made a jump back for light years, the rest have insurmountable situations. After all, we should not give away players trained after a few seasons in the base for level 4 for about 22 million

Simple player value € 240 000 000 you can sell him to bank for79 200 000

Honest solution instead of condemning the rest of the clubs to being slaves of the rich who immediately invested in the academy and sold players after drawing them without training for huge amounts
pl Devilpage
de Troubles München
wal Numpty >> thursday january 16 - 18:00, Edited thursday january 16 - 18:12

I am struggling to follow your reasoning.

"Simple player value € 240 000 000 you can sell him to bank for79 200 000"

Why? If no-one wants to buy him for 79 million then why should the bank pay that instead? 

In a market economy players will sell for what they are worth. The fact that it's difficult to sell players with a high market value then that probably proves that the in-game valuation is flawed.  

It would be better to allow players to be listed for less than 50% of their "value" and then let any potential bidders set the price. 

  • "instead of condemning the rest of the clubs to being slaves of the rich who immediately invested in the academy"

This appears to contradict your suggestion to sell high value players to the bank.

If they could guarantee a good price for their youths then that would only encourage the richer clubs to invest in their academies and condemn "the rest of the clubs to being slaves of the rich". 

So I am left very confused by the suggestion. 

Regarding your final point

  • sold players after drawing them without training for huge amounts

These kind of players are the ones that have been priced by market forces. Someone paid a huge amount because they believed the player was worth it. So they weren't bought by the bank and there was no fudge factor. I see no problem with that. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
ee Balthazor >> thursday january 16 - 18:14

Solution would be new correction of formulas for market value, but devs seem to be not interested in that already years. Then red stars were probably not yet very common on players. 

Original suggestion would make impossible to buy players of that area for reasonable price, which is lower.  Mid-class teams which would need such players should highly overpay for them and their progress would be stopped because lack of finances.

ee Balthazor
ee Dünamo Tallinn
wal Numpty >> thursday january 16 - 18:31, Edited thursday january 16 - 18:33

Agree with @Balthazor

Thinking this through a bit further. Essentially the proposal is to increase the maximum bank value from the current $25 million. 

What would be the knock-on effect of doing this?

1. All the clubs who "farm" players would be able to generate much larger sums and make bigger profits. 

2. This would have the greatest benefit on the clubs who (a) have the highest talent/highest value players and (b) farm the most players. 

3. Greater seasonal profits would enable the richer clubs to be able to sustain higher level academies.

4. Mid level players, who can often be bought for near the max bank value, would increase significantly in price. 

5. The biggest losers would probably be the less active managers who do little or no 'farming'.

So it would seem to me that the rich clubs would get even bigger and the mid level and smaller clubs would find it more difficult to buy more expensive mid level players. 

wal Numpty
eng Heath Hornets
eng Stephen >> thursday january 16 - 21:14, Edited thursday january 16 - 22:55

For me, the bank shouldn’t pay out more than it does already. It’s designed to get rid of unwanted players from the game not act as a substitute for the transfer market. There are problems with the market for sure, but these need properly fixing.

I do think the market values need looking at. If I were not a VIP user, I’d be hugely annoyed at having to list a player worth a high value at minimum value and then have that players value drop for maybe two or three days until it reaches a price that people might start to want to pay. This is a big chunk of wasted time when one can have only two players listed at a time. Perhaps making it easier to list players at sensible prices might stimulate the market again? 

eng Stephen
eng Seaburn Beach
nl Joost >> thursday january 16 - 21:48

I am afraid there is more wrong with market than just listing issues or value redesign (still good to do something about of course). This is because of the flaw in the financial system at the moment. I do not have an easy solution, but the new facilities do there job very well. The function is to get rid of an excess of money and this is working probably to well. Most managers as I can see try to get as big facility as they can finance. The general opinion is that building extra is good in case you can pay for it in the long term (despite some small part of the users which have different ideas).

The above mechanism is creating exactly the opposite situation as before. Cash is nowhere to find in the game as most users spend it for their facilities. It becomes worse and worse every transferperiod until we reach a point where the market activity is too low to circulate. However, the solution is not so easy in my opinion while for example lowering the upkeep costs of buildings will destroy the intention of the higher buildings: managers have to make choices. In this design it is possible to make a strategy and not just building all facilities to the maximum. Besides of this higher income will be like a shot of heroin. The extra amount will be used for more facilities and you will soon be in the same situation. 

I will find my way in any structure, however I think something have to be changed in the financial system. Maybe somethings like a forced transfer budget for teams. However, I also not 100% like ideas which forces a manager to play the game in a certain way. Maybe some kind of balance between extra facilities when there is too much money and some injection when there is not enough. However, this gives also problem while such a change is very impact full. It takes a lot of seasons to reach a new balance for teams and when the balance is found this probably has to be changed again. Besides of this facilities have to grow in certain time again and it will take an even longer time for new teams to be at a competitive level (this last problem  can be mitigated, but probably this have some effects also)

Just some thoughts about this subject.

nl Joost
pl Devilpage >> friday january 17 - 13:41

With all due respect but you are not (Numpty) yet at a level where you may have a problem with 22 million from the bank. Your warehouse is in the market sense worth nothing and if it wasn't for the help of this bank, you wouldn't have built any building. You have no idea about economy at the highest level. You've just reached level 8 academy and your player in freedom market value = 0

Only social from bank make your team money..

You earn on this despite the fact that your players are worth nothing, unlike mine from academy lvl 12 trained in base lvl 14 where i can't find a buyer and I would have to sell it to the bank for the same price which is just a robbery

At a time when people training players had to give up everything, such 15-year-olds from the academy were sold for amounts that even after 6 seasons of training (21 l usually very high ideal value for sale) could not be obtained from the academy by this level-two less. Best of all, these young talents were bought by people without training bases and after a few seasons they sold for about 25% of the purchase value

Here, of course, I write about users who have a bigger idea, not about those who are only just reaching the 10th level of the academy and training base (where once it was the maximum level and market and the number of transfers per window was large).

It drove the game now slowly the next ones leave and no new ones can be seen

pl Devilpage
de Troubles München
pl Devilpage >> friday january 17 - 13:45

In the current situation, it is best to buy a turnover for 2-5 million and train it to sell to the bank like newbies. It is like playing with a field or a greenhouse

pl Devilpage
de Troubles München