Facility staff: Hiring staff

For each level of your office you can appoint one staff member to a facility. You are also allowed to have a few extra staff members who are not assigned. These staff members will not give you any benefits. You can use these as back-ups but will have to pay them half their wage.

There are two ways you can get a new staff member.

Promoting a player

Firstly, you can offer the job to one of your players who is at least 30 years old. Your player will no longer be available to play matches for your team.

The new player will have a skill of at least one star for each of the 9 staff skills. For each 40.000 experience points spent on trainable skills, the new staff member will get one additional skill star on one of the skills.

The younger you appoint a player as staff, the higher his staff talent will be. A 30 year old player will get a staff talent of at least 6 and at most 10. A 38 year old will get a talent of 4 to 8 and a 50 year old will get a talent of 1 to 5. Player talent has no influence on staff talent.

If the player is in the national team of his country he can still play matches for the national team.

Hiring an external staff member

If you do not want to use one of your players or do not have any suitable players to promote you can also hire a blank staff member. You will have to pay a signing bonus.

Blank staff members always start with a skill of 1 star on each skill, have an age between 30 and 32 and have a talent of at least 4 and at most 8.

You can hire as many such staff members as you like and fire those you don't want to keep but this will cost you money.

Assigning staff to a facility

Before you get a bonus from your staff member you will need to assign it to a facility. You can't assign more staff members than the total of your office. When you assign a staff member he will start working after 15 minutes. After this time you can't undo your decision until the staff member has served for at least one season on that position.

If you change your mind after a staff member started working and don't want to wait an entire season you are allowed to fire the staff member, but in this case he will be removed from your club entirely.

When you remove the staff member from the office you will not be able to keep two staff members in another facility (which is only allowed when you have staff assigned to the office). If you can't remove the double staff member then you can't remove the staff member from the office either. The only exception is when the staff member in the office retires. In this case the weakest staff member from the facility with two staff members is unassigned automatically, even if this wouldn't be allowed manually.