Players and skills: Specials

Some players have special attributes. They give bonuses or penalties to that player in specific situations. Some attributes are clearly positive: a "tall" player gives a dueling bonus in corner situations. Some have positive and negative effects: an "audience player" plays even better at home, but worse away. Some are only negative: a "fragile" player is more likely to get injured.

Special attributes have no influence on the stars-value of a player, but they do influence the market value.

There are almost 40 special attributes in the game. We won't list them all here. When you see a special attribute somewhere in the game, you can hover your mouse over the name to see an explanation of how it works. We'll list some of them here that we think need extra explanation.

Some attributes can be trained in the training complex, but most are given when the player is created and can't be added or removed.


Playmaker is not used for set pieces. It can't be used together with Winger. A player who has one of these attributes cannot be trained in the other.


Roaming works differently for "classic" players than "2.0 style" players (starting in season 13). The classic roaming player moves randomly around the field, while the 2.0 style roaming player will often follow the ball.


This attribute is removed when the player is trained "correct".


Popular is an attribute that only becomes visible on the 20th birthday of a player. It has no effect before.

When a popular player plays a competitive match for your team you get 20 fanclub members. If you have more than one popular player, the second gives only 12 fanclub members though. The third gives you 8, then 5, 3 and finally just one fanclub member for each next popular player.

When the player plays part of a match you only get part of the bonus. If the player plays less than 5 minutes you get no bonus at all (but you also don't get a penalty).

When a popular player does not play in a match you lose 5 fanclub members. This also happens when the player is injured, suspended or away with the national team.

When a popular player is loaned out, the bonus and penalty will apply to the team that loaned the player. The owner of the team will not be affected.

It has no effect in friendlies, test matches, national team matches and U21 matches.

Old style popular players always give 10 fanclub members when playing a match. Regardless of how many you have. Old style popular players are obsolete since season 27. When such a player is sold he automatically converts to a new style popular player.

Any old style popular players in a match do not affect the value of new style popular players, with one exception: if there is at least one old style popular player the first new style popular player gives only 12 fanclub members instead of 20.

Popular player example calculations

If you have 3 popular players, but one plays only half a match you have in fact 2.5 popular players. The first gives 20, the second 12, and the remaining half will give 0.5*8=4 fanclub members. In total you'll get 36 extra fanclub members.

If you have 3 new style popular players and 2 old style popular players, you get +10 and +10 for the old style popular players and +12, +12 and +8 for the new style players. In total you'll get 52 new fanclub members. For 5 old style players you would get +50, for 5 new style players you'd get +48 (20+12+8+5+3)


The player can use his primary skill for a secondary purpose. Forwards can use scoring as passing, midfielders can use passing as scoring and defenders can use dueling as passing. This attribute has no effect on keepers.

The player gets a penalty on the skills though. -0.15 penalty for the normal purpose and -0.3 for the secondary purpose. For example, a forward with 4.6 scoring will get 4.45 scoring and 4.3 passing. His real passing is not used, except of course if his real passing (-0.15) would be higher than 4.3

A forward is any player playing on a forward position (eg. S or LF), a midfielder a player playing on a midfielder (eg. CM) position etc. LW and RW are forwards, LWB and RWB are defenders and DM and AM are midfielders.

Fast Learner

Fast learner reduces the number of matches in which the maximum experience for a tournament is reached. It does not affect the total amount of experience a player can get.

The number of matches in which a player can get experience is multiplied by 0.75 and then rounded. This number is then used to calculate how much experience the player gets in each of those matches and if necessary rounded up to the nearest integer.

For example in the league 20 matches of 500 experience become (20*0.75=) 15 matches of (500*20/15=) 667 experience. In the cup 3 matches of 300 experience become (3*0.75=2.25, then rounded) 2 matches of (300*3/2=) 450 experience.

Players can not have both the hardworking and fast learner special attribute.