Tournaments: Cup

The cup is a knockout, single elimination tournament in which all teams from all levels in the same country participate.

Draw/Entering the Cup

Teams enter the cup in different rounds, based on their results in the league in the previous season.

Teams from level 1 in a country will start later than teams from level 3. This means the lower teams can't immediately be drawn against one of the top teams in their country.

The draw for each round is made entirely random, there are no seeded teams and, since only one match is played each round, the home team is selected at random as well

The finals

The finals will be played in a stadium that is selected when the cup starts. This will usually mean that the finals are played on neutral territory with no home advantage.

Like in real life, the winner of the cup earns a ticket for the international competition. If the winner already earned a champions league ticket in the league, the cup ticket will go to the best team in the league that doesn't qualify for the Champions League.

Home advantage

The home team gets home advantage. If the cup final is played in the stadium of one of the finalists, this team will get home advantage in the finals as well. In other situations the finals are a neutral match.

If a team plays a team from a higher league level then they will always play at home. For example, if a team from league (5.2) meets a team from league (4.3) in the cup then the team from league (5.2) will play at home. This rule does not apply in round 1. In round 1 the home advantage is always decided randomly.

Player experience

Each player can get experience in his first 3 cup matches each season. For each of these matches he'll get 300 experience points.