Facilities: Training Complex

The training complex is one of your most important facilities. It steadily increases the experience of your players and allows you to use those experience points to improve their trainable skills. Once your training complex is upgraded to level 3 you will also be able to do special individual trainings for one of your players.

Only one of your players can receive special training. This can be used for example to retrain a player on a different flank or position, to improve speed, power or endurance or to train a special attribute.

The higher the level of your trainer, the more experience your players will receive from basic training. Some levels also give extra options for special training.

The maximum level of your training complex is level 10.

Football Academy

Once you reach TC10 you can upgrade it to Football Academy 1. The Football Academy is a normal upgrade to the Training Complex. The exception is that starting from this level, it not only increases the chance on injuries but also the amount of fatigue your players get in matches. It is also a lot more expensive than the lower levels so make sure you can afford it!