Facilities: Scout's office

The scout's office has the following functions:

- It lets you search for transfer listed players.

- It lets you do computer analysis of your upcoming matches

- It allows you to keep track of a number of players you are interested in.

You need a stadium and training center and you need to have completed the first part (15 steps) of the tutorial before you can build a scout office.

Transfer list

In the scout you can set a player profile to search the transfer list. The higher the level of your scout, the more search options become available.

For each level of your scout's office, you also get to select a region you want to search in. The first region will always be the one your league is in. Additional regions will have a research time of 24 hours. After this time you will be able to see players from the leagues in the new region as well.

Player shortlist

Once you have a scout's office, you get a button on a player's overview page to add this player to your shortlist. Those players will be shown in bold in matches and can easily be found later. This can be useful if you find a player you are interested in buying but don't have the money for yet. The higher the level of your office, the more players can be put on the shortlist.

Computer analysis

Computer analysis allows you to test your line-up for a match against the line-up your opponent used in his last match. Each time you request an analysis, 5 matches are simulated and you are shown the statistics. This can give you an idea of how your team will do.

This feature just serves as a rough indication though, your scout can't predict the future. No guarantees can be given that the actual match will be similar to what is seen in the analysis. You never know which line-up your opponent will eventually use, and fatigue and injuries are not taken into account.

Nevertheless, it's a very useful tool to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your squad.