Transfers: Loan players

Players under 24 can be loaned to other teams. This works similar to a transfer, but the player returns to your team after one season. You don't pay a transfer sum but the team who loans the player pays anything between 50% and 200% of the yearly wage of the player.

Loaning players can be very useful if you have young players you want to keep but who are not strong enough to play in your main squad. Loaning them to another team can give them more matches and therefore more match experience. On the other side, loaning a player from a stronger team for a season can be a cheap way to quickly reinforce your team.

All players can be loaned, there is no minimum value.

Training during loan

When you loan a player to another team, he still appears in your training complex. Only you will be able to use the experience points this player gains in his new team so the owner always decides how the player develops himself.

The daily experience gain and special training are also based on/done in the training complex of the owner of the player.

Fair play

If you loan a player you become responsible for the development of that player during the season in which you loan him.

This means you have to let the player play enough league or U21 league matches. Please take this into account before bidding to loan a player.