Wales: Coefficient Ranking

Ranking listRanking list
TeamSeason 46Season 47Season 48Season 49Season 50(Season 51)Total
wal 【Y N W A】 Sibyl 9128.50014.50019.00012.0001.0002.00077.000
wal [FS] Red Bull NextGen0.5001.0002.0002.0002.0000.0007.500
wal Shotton Dreigiau1.5001.0000.5001.5000.5002.0007.000
wal Garfield Spurs0.5001.0002.0000.5000.5000.5005.000
Average coefficient7.750 (4)4.375 (4)5.875 (4)4.000 (4)1.000 (4)1.125 (4)

The league coefficient for a season is calculated by taking the average result of the teams in the champions league and continental league in that season. The total league coefficient is the sum of the coefficients of the last 5 seasons (excluding the current season).