MadHouse ai

Player statistics

1ca Eloys Lucre44692383043
2us Anthimos Dranias36677101551011
3eng Gregory Ball3361870383076
4cr Derek Kember34596100020
5bs Danny Chrestay34572343035
6ky Oscar Adkin37555002641
7bs Mick Bray3152863351066
8cu Máximo Osario32514515560100
9us Samuel Usery3250220021
10ai Archibald Ruble294607841804
11ky James Sugarwhite3745024153064
12nir Harry Daughtery5744579204073
13ai Vince Rolland33429261470254
14ch Emmanuel Barla5940820129041
15ky Rick Mee29396171045
16ky Geoffrey Dowsett3736430018
17ai Andy Clubb3036060017
18eng Euan Rothacker382902741802
19ai Marcus Murch3728219870126
20ai Sean Hendricks28231221060101
21ai Kevin Reaves322171611106
22au Geoffrey Everette31198001212
23cw Ed Leijs681271051026
24ky Alex Sirbaugh4012530018
25ai Vincent Harper22102159038
26eng Milton Crawfis197130016
27ai Dale Butler216465201
28ky Jonathan Gilman415327401
29hk Doi Ban465300291
30ky Thomas Shamblin384900250
31eng Simon Titchnell224320010
32cn Yang-cheng Fu223035004
33cu Goyo Estupiñán20272006
34ky Connor Hayden2627114072
35eng Jonathan Gaine251220001
36ai Kelvin Corbett21804013
37ai Ron Fudge1771004
38ai Daniel Langford34kn Newcastle700013
39ky Henry Belton4550002
40us Luke Dutton1520005
41ky Timothy Smither4120001
42us Rob Sheaves30vn Eagle football club10000
43ai Heath Shakeshaft1900000
44ky Francis Hardesty1600000
45cn Lai-hsiang Men1500000
46cn Hsu Xun1500000
47eng Joe Bencroft2000005
48ai Frank Sidwell21000015
49us Rob Dowler1500000
50ai Oliver Catlin18000018

"Cards" is a total score for the number of yellow and red cards. Yellow counts as 1 and red as 3 points.