Gantoise be

Managerbe Angeldust offline
Satellite clubpf FC Mataura
CountryBelgium be
StadiumCapacity: 200,000
U21 squadYes
Leaguebe League of Belgium
Cupbe Cup
Next match (all)Today - 13:23
be Gantoise vs. be DCO Warriors (League of Belgium)
Recent matches (all)WWWWW?
Star players (all)
Average best squad
The average best squad value is calculated by taking the keeper and the best 10 field players (regardless of position). It includes half of the youth bonus for U21 players.

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Player Hall of Fame

pe Roque BarahonaKeeper52200303
vg Timmy DunnDefender456510
be Fabien PainelDefender436420
qa Asirem ZemmamaMidfielder4271392380
la Tống Ðức Tuấn Keeper42200197
nu Caine TuilagiDefender367000
be Ben Perrot-DucretForward36525930
td Deo MalanguForward36326750
ly Sahib BelassenDefender357000
lk Maithil RangwalaDefender356140
be Louis BauwensMidfielder30451880
eng Jake CraddockMidfielder303452060
mz Herman MeiraMidfielder30351190
qa Aghilas AbdelmalkForward29920210