FC Pusa ee

NameFC Pusa
Manageree Taavi offline
CountryEstonia ee
StadiumTaylor Swift, Capacity: 200,000
U21 squadYes
Leagueee League of Estonia
Cupee Cup
Next match (all)Tomorrow - 14:22
ee FC Pusa vs. ee FC Tartu #3 (League of Estonia)
Recent matches (all)LDWD?
Star players (all)
Average best squad
The average best squad value is calculated by taking the keeper and the best 10 field players (regardless of position). It includes half of the youth bonus for U21 players.

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Player Hall of Fame

ee Mihkel MaeKeeper66800316
ee Veiko KuuskMidfielder601614940
tv Motuha GuwabeForward42818110
mo Ming-an KumDefender420000
ee Hans HiisKeeper40100154
ee Janek KäärikMidfielder3856610
ee Endel MittDefender350100
ee Keio SalumäeMidfielder346141870
ee Sten RajandoMidfielder3093370
ne Yakubu HamForward20919510
ee Robert VeskimäeForward1317640