League of Bosnia and Herzegovina season 59

U21 league results

Here you can find the U21 league results of teams in this league level this season. Note that, depending on the number of teams with an U21-squad, teams can play against teams from different league levels.

1ba FC Prijedor 7 87730245116240
2ba Fk Borac Banjaluka 5 56932223718674
3ba FC Prijedor #3 12 216432204811447
4ba FC Banja Luka #3 4 26228202614056
5ba NK Bratstvo BK57321831113558
6ba HNK Kupusari Kiseljak463215116148100
7ba FC Pousorac4332134157365
8ba FC Zenica 25 112430802250205
9ba HVO Posavina1324411952167