League of Belgium season 73 [2]

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of Belgium on the game Rocking Soccer.

1be Koninklijke Dosko2712831257
2be FC globeshotters2511740206
3be SV Saint-Gilles #22411731206
4be Jupkes22126422111
5be FC Alba2111632189
6be B_L_A21116322015
7be Comeback is real 1 120126243218
8be VV Jooten20126242011
9be SV Kapellen Ukraine20126241511
10be A&G Twins19126152413
11be FC Schaerbeek 5 217115242421
12be RSC Geel-Stelen16115151416
13be SAV moneyball12113351116
14be FC Ajoin10123181024
15be Vipra Rossa91123657
16be West Flanders Triples3111010628
17be Rapid Mollem312039328
18be FC Gèsmasjien0110011344