League of Brunei Darussalam season 56 [2]


This is an estimate of the TV-revenue collected so far for this league. No rights can be derived from this preview. The TV revenue is awarded at the end of the season, before the league playoffs start. 180 of 180 matches in this league have been played.

NamePointsEstimated share
1bn Kuala Belait FC #1878RSD11 149 181
2bn Tutong FC #1975RSD10 720 366
3bn China-Brunei United63RSD9 005 107
4bn Bandar Seri Begawan FC #5854RSD7 718 663
5bn Seria FC #1752RSD7 432 787
6bn Kuala Belait FC #1746RSD6 575 158
7bn Bandar Seri Begawan FC #6045RSD6 432 220
8bn Seria FC #1839RSD5 574 590
9bn Tutong FC #2023RSD3 287 579
10bn Kuala Belait FC #1623RSD3 287 579