League of Brunei Darussalam season 60

U21 league results

Here you can find the U21 league results of teams in this league level this season. Note that, depending on the number of teams with an U21-squad, teams can play against teams from different league levels.

1bn Stanari club 25 178732290317825
2bn Nanjing Peng Group8432280417641
3bn Hokciu J Binho FC 1 106832222813656
4bn -Liverpool Football Club-52321711410280
5bn Tree Ar5032162149871
6bn FC magic girl 4 249321611513081
7bn Mainz 05 25 22403212416117108
8bn Real Madrid Club 2 5383212218150168
9bn Bandar Seri Begawan FC #402132702554191