League of Brazil season 45 [3.1]

U21 league results

Here you can find the U21 league results of teams in this league level this season. Note that, depending on the number of teams with an U21-squad, teams can play against teams from different league levels.

1br Red Bull Brasil7532236315454
2br FC Santa Rosa673220759439
3br EC Santo Andre Utinga6532205713086
4br Sorokaba643219768230
5br Os Maneta6332203912373
6br Curitiba #54432135145651
7br Costa Rica Esporte Clube3830115146784
8br Campinas #637321211972101
9br C R TB303293205396
10br Maringá #329188555351
11br Osasco2932922177121
12br Brasília #81332412729131
13br Poá10123181955
14br Barra Mansa782151029
15br Grêmio Canoense44112910
16br Itaquaquecetuba41211102349
42br Porto Alegre #404004321