League of Congo season 58

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of Congo on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 cg FC OTB Africans 19 17331111001111
2 cg FC Brazzaville #3125118123517
3 cg FC Brazzaville #2322117132917
4 cg Team Runner-Up18115331620
5cg FC Brazzaville #2816114432219
6cg FC Brazzaville #2916114431519
7cg FC Brazzaville #2516115152432
8cg FC Gamboma 315114341721
9cg FC Pointe-Noire #1114114251923
10cg FC Ouésso #213114161819
11cg FC Pointe-Noire #1313113443145
12cg FC Kayes #213114161534
13cg FC Brazzaville10113171032
14cg FC Pointe-Noire9112361640
15cg FC Ouésso811155514
16cg FC Kayes5111281141