League of Chile season 45

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of Chile on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 cl CSD Colo-Colo 9 119534312119917
2 cl Wine 3 3933430311619
3 cl HuaKaiEr FC 1 15 178134256312814
4 cl Linares Unido FC8034255413731
5 cl Alegale United7734252712225
6cl La Unión 17734252711620
7cl Quillota7334234712231
8cl Zall FC 3 18 116034200149748
9cl Colo Colo4734152175257
10cl Coquimbo35341122148151
11cl Deportes Antofagasta SADP31341012340119
12cl Eterno Campeon303493223596
13cl hotel plaza el bosque2634822446145
14cl La Serena223457223399
15cl Santiago #82234642439157
16cl Castro1734452523114
17cl Santiago #131334342726179
18cl Paine1234403038150