League of Chile season 47

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of Chile on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 cl Wine 4 5933430311798
2 cl CSD Colo-Colo 12 138934292321913
3 cl Linares Unido FC8934292312922
4 cl La Unión 18234271613527
5 cl HuaKaiEr FC 1 15 178134270714620
6cl Alegale United7534250912528
7cl Zall FC 3 18 116234202128956
8cl Colo Colo5434173147373
9cl Deportes Antofagasta SADP5334172158166
10cl Puerto Montt #238341151859100
11cl Alcones38341222079127
12cl Union Club35341051944113
13cl Cumbia Piola3234102223695
14cl La Serena1934612737157
15cl La Serena #31734522729154
16cl Valparaíso1734452531162
17cl Valdivia1634442629143
18cl Arica734213167223