League of Chile season 49

Become a manager and get your own football team in the national league of Chile on the game Rocking Soccer.

1 cl CSD Colo-Colo 10 129734321121210
2 cl Wine 4 4953431211664
3 cl La Unión 18634282414928
4 cl HuaKaiEr FC 1 15 178434280615327
5 cl Linares Unido FC8434280611335
6cl Colo Colo67342211110549
7cl Alegale United64342111211142
8cl Zall FC 3 18 115934192139270
9cl Alcones5834191148958
10cl Union Club3434104204487
11cl Eterno Campeon33341032144115
12cl Castro3034932243105
13cl Deportes Cervecita2834842237111
14cl Quillota2734832356155
15cl Villa Alemana2134562330120
16cl Deportes Antofagasta SADP1234332823148
17cl Copiapó #21134322925146
18cl Arica834223045227